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Frankfurt Breite Gasse

Everybody knows the infamous Frankfurt RLD around the main railway station along Kaiserstrasse and Taunusstrasse. Only very few people know that Frankfurt has a second RLD with more walk-in brothels. The second strip is located at Breite Gasse, a side alley of Frankfurt's main shopping road 'Zeil'. Breite Gasse hosts around 5 brothels similar to the houses in the Bahnhofsviertel. It is much smaller and more quiet. The prostitutes tend to be a bit more mature. The pricing structure is identical to the prime RLD. Have a look at Breite Gasse next time you go shopping in Frankfurt, Germany. It's a nice place for a cheap suck and fuck if you are into older and used looking gems.

Breite gasse puff
Entrances of 2 brothels in Breite Gasse, a side alley of Frankfurt's main shopping street Zeil.

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Pattaya Walking Street

It's a candy land for horny males: Walking Street in South Pattaya. This red-light district in Thailand's sex destination Pattaya puts everything else related to prostitution in a dark shadow. The amount of bars where beautiful gogo dancers (strippers) are available for a barfine and cheap sex is absolutely overwhelming. There are at least 200 to 300 establishments on Walking Street and in the sois close by like Pattayaland 1 and 2 and Soi Diamond. Besides, you will find discos where freelancers wait to be picked up and you also find female tourists from Russia and Romania who offer themselves as prostitutes for rich Arabian men.
The minimum age for Thai bargirls is 20 years of age. It is not at all as portraid in some media reports that Thailand allows underage girls to work in the bars. All girls need to have IDs and bars that are found with girls under age of 20 years are subject to heavy fines.
How does the thing work in the bars? A customer will usually pick a girl and buy her lady drinks for around 150 Baht to see if he likes her and to negotiate whatever he wants her to do for him. If both agree he can take her out by paying a barfine, usually 600 to 1000 Baht. Both of them are free to do whatever they like ... The customer is expected to provide a salary or tip for the time he spends with the bargirl after he takes them out. This usually amounts to 1500 Baht per night. Some go out for dancing and some retire in a secluded short time hotel for a few hours. It does not need much phantasy to figure out what is going on.

walking street pattaya
Walking Street Pattaya at night: a mix of tourists and sex travelers

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New FKK Vacation

FKK Tours is currently offering new discounts for their German sex vacation tours of FKK clubs. Accordning to the newest information they offer a discount rates for their September and November bordello tours in Germany.

Book before June 1st 2007 use coupon code "GO2007" for reduced rate $999.69 Regular rate $1299.99 5 days, includes hotel, transportation, guides, driver Just show up at the Frankfurt International Airport and we do the rest.

To see how a typical FKK tour looks like they offer the following information: FKK Vacation

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German Bordellos

German brothel owners are on a high competitive level with shopping centers, restaurants and other commercial enterprises. One of the most important factors in business success for a German brothel is it's strategic location. Therefore many brothel owners try to get located as close as possible to Autobahn exits. As everywhere else punters and prostitutes alike prefer to pursue their monkey business in a healthy distance from home and work to maintain privacy. Additionally they try to attract managers who favour a short stop over in a bordello on their way back home from a successful business deal and truckers who are always getting horny while reading porn magazines during their endless cargo routes. Next time you visit Germany don't forget to look around the corners on Autobahn exits for German brothels with red lights in windows and entrance doors. BTW, this is not just a German thing, they have these Autobahn Bordellos in Austria, too. The fun starts from 50 Euro and up.

German bordello
Crazy Sexy in Darmstadt-Eberstadt is conveniently located on a Autobahn exit close to Frankfurt. Truckers, tourists and managers love to make a stopover for quick sex.

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Pattaya Soi 6

Everybody knows about Pattaya in Thailand being the biggest brothel in the World. Most famously there is Walking Street in South Pattaya that hosts several hundred a gogo bars where nude dancers and bikini girls dance as hot as they can to be taken home by customers for a barfine of 600 to 1000 Baht. Most of the Thai bargirls in this area are young prostitutes at an minimum age of 20 years, mostly without children and in great physical shape.
However, The gogo girls tend to be less sexually experienced than the single mothers in their mid twenties to late thirties. Yes, there is a vivid market for MILF prostitutes in Pattaya, too. These kind of naughty mature prostitutes can be found in North Pattaya on Soi 6. It is a 300 meter stretch on Soi 6 between Beach Road an 2nd Road that hosts the cheapest available Thai hookers for sex tourists in Pattaya. A recently posted video clip on Youtube shows a typical afternoon walk on Soi 6.

pattaya soi 6
Thai MILFS waiting for customers in front of their bars on Soi 6 in North Pattaya.

The modus operandi of Soi 6 bars is very simple. The girls lounge on stools and chairs in front of the small bars to solicit for new customers.

Read more »

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Chicken for Sex

The time when the world economy took it's first heavy dip was called the time of the Great Depression. It lasted several years and inflation was rampant. As money was not available people started to trade merchandise and services rather than to purchase them for Dollars. Believe it or not, but during this time sexual services from prostitutes inside brothels had to be paid by chicken as they were producing eggs and could be used as a source of meat.
One of the most famous brothels in the US derived it's name from this circumstance: the Chicken Ranch in La Grange Texas. It was an illegal brothel that operated from 1805 until 1973, but was tolerated and regulated by local sheriffs. Memorabilia about the Chicken Ranch Texas brothel are frequently traded on eBay.
Today there are no more brothels in Texas. Horny Texan guys usually need to saddle their horses for a long journey to brothels in Mexico or Nevada.

chicken ranch brothel
A vintage photo of the Chicken Ranch brothel. Courtesy of

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Makati Bars Philippines

The little red-light district on Burgos Street in Makati Philippines is a well known hangout for sexpats and business people. It's high prices keep away the large crowd of sex tourists that invade Angeles City in the north of the Philippines.
While the Manila scene of Filipino bars with overpriced drinks and thristy GROs has not changed to much over the past years, smaller changes have been noticed. There is a new hotel right on Burgos street: the Royal Bellagio offers 110 themed rooms on 16 floors. They offer overnight and short time deals. In the same building there are new bars like The Bronx and Mirrors and just a few meters across Burgos Street there is a new Thai massage parlor right beside Ivory bar. There is no more Papillon bar, the building fell victim to a devastating fire and is currently being demolished.
The most refreshing new opening is a bar called Ringside. This new joint offers a nice deco. Instead of the typical dance floor they have a small boxing ring in the center of the bar where foxy boxing fights of Filipina bargirls take place every other night - highly entertaining fun!

makati bar on burgos street
Filipina dancers inside a gogo bar on Makati's Burgos Street

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Rio de Janeiro Sex Vacation

Rio de Janeiro is one of the best known destinations for adult travel and a cool sex vacation. The Brazilian metropolis on the Atlantic coast is home of countless prostitutes like freelancers from Help Disco, Maia Petaca or the Copacabana Beach to streetwalking transvestites, upscale escort services and the Brazilian brothels called Termas.
Termas are real brothels where some of the hottest Brazilian girls provide complete sex services from blowjobs to anal sex and groupsex as reported on 4Women of the World. Everything goes! When American porn producers invade Rio they look for talents inside the Rio Termas. Many of the girls at work in Terma brothels have been featured on anal porn movies in the US. You just need to ask the girls and they will be more than glad to show off the DVD covers of porn movies they prticipated in. The best known Termas from Rio are Montecarlo, 4x4, Centaurus, VIP. Typically there is a reception and social area where you meet the garotas. After you decide on the choice of girls over a drink you will rent a private suite for fun with the girls. After that the fun begins. It's not cheap, but you do get inhibited high performance sex like in a porn movie if you can cope with the girls. That is something you will find in Brazil and Germany, only. Prostitutes in most other countries are much more lazy than their Brazilian counterparts.

Rio Terma girls
Girls from VIP Terma in Rio. Prostitutes in Brazil are called Garota de Programa.

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FKK Tour

FKK Tour is a travel agency of internet fame. They offer trips to German FKK clubs and brothels for American sex tourists. Every 2 or 3 months they organize tours to Germany where guys are able to travel to Germany and visit the most prestigious German brothels to have sex with gorgeous European prostitutes. The red-light environment in Germany is very safe. Most FKK clubs provide a mix of sex heaven and wellness oasis. Just pick up one of the nude blonde vixens after a dip in the whirl pool, a sauna bath, a swim in the pool or after a massage.
Prostitution is legal in Germany. It is pretty safe and without any violence to be expected (unlike i.e. Mexico). Most girls working in FKK clubs are clean topshelf prostitutes that earn well because of the high demand in FKK club brothels. However, they do not undergo any mandatory health checks as this is not required by German law. Most of them undergo private check ups, of course.
Most common sexual practices offered in German FKK clubs include: bbbj, cif, cim, protected vaginal sex and many providers will okay anal sex for a surcharge.
Currently FKK Tour is offering a discount for their German sex tour in May 2007. Check out all their tour dates for more info.

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Bangkok Soi 33

Horny sex tourists like to venture out to Bangkok's infamous red-light districts like Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong to see cladly dressed Thai agogo bargirls dance in bikinis. Since many expats live in Bangkok one might ask where long term foreign visitors go to have some fun with girls and booze.
The crowd that is price conscious usually frequents beer gardens where freelancers and bar employees solicit for drinks, talks and more. The most famous beer garden is located on Sukhumvit Soi 7 and there is an accumulation of beer gardens along Washington Square further south on Sukhumvit Road.
A convenient place for more wealthy long time visitors is certainly the small red mile along Soi 33 close to Sukhumvit Road. Soi 33 hosts around 20 bars. Unlike Nana and the other red-light districts there are no gogo dancers in Soi 33 bars. Instead they have GROs (guest relation officers) and waitresses to entertain customers. Drinks are a few Baht more expensive and barfines are about double the price of other Bangkok RLDs, but there is no pressure. The girls are dressed in nice costumes, know how to carry on a decent conversation and are 2 to 3 years older than the bargirls from the agogo joints. The favourite past time in the bars is playing pool, watching sports events on large screen TVs and - naturally - talking to the girls. There is great dining along Soi 33, a few massage parlors and there are decent hotels in the area like Novotel, Queens Park, Tai Pan and Emporium Suites.

soi 33 bars
Most of the bars on Bangkok's Soi 33 are named after famous painters like Monet, Renoir, Dali or Goya.

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World Sex Archives


There is always the question if paysites about brothels, prostitution and hookers are worth the money you spend. The question becomes more appropriate since plenty free boards are around that don't charge a dime by financing from ads and recommendations.
Having access to most of the paysites for sex travel I still find that paysites give a lot of value for the money and are worth the 10 or 20 bucks you spend on them.
Let's just look at World Sex Archives. This was at first a free site about 10 years ago with similar reports like the World Sex Guide. It had to become a paysite because the volume of global prostitution information became so massive that it was not possible to run the site without income as server management, hosting, scripting, etc. were getting expensive. Feminists and hackers would attack the growing site and so on.
WSA started offering monthly subscriptions at just 4.95$. That was later on raised to 9.95$. It is estimated that WSA is the largest prostitution paysite on the net, today. Several thousand members post hundreds of posts every day about hookers from Thailand, Nigeria, Rio, PNP, Kenya, Cuba, Russia, Iceland and anywhere else. The flow of information is as constant as it should be and there are a lot of knowledgeable punters and experts on WSA who are willing to help out. Not suprisingly you will find a lot of honorable gentlemen on WSA that post on paysites, only, because they like to enjoy privacy that free sites are unable to provide. Their hints and messages are worth much more than the money you spend on the site because they will help to enjoy your sex vacation and escort girlfriend experience.
Many of the prolific punters meet up on their trips and exchange information on a personal basis. Most of this intimate insider info about the best bars and brothels never hits the boards at all. It's all about sharing. If people join boards and actively write reports they get the chance to meet up with others and if they are consistent they are rewarded with free membership upgrades, too.

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Angeles City Sex Vacation

Ever since American GIs invaded the neighbour town of Clark Airbase after World War 2, Angeles City in the Philippines maintained a very popular red-light district in Balibago along Field's Avenue. In the last years the red-light district expanded from Balibago into the west and continued into Perimeter Road up to Friendship Gate. This strip of around 4 miles is hosting around 80 watering holes and agogo bars in various sizes. Some of them have short time rooms on the premises where sex tourists and expats alike relax on a lazy afternoon with their favorite GRO, dancer or sexy waitress. At night time they continue to the more glamorous large agogo bars like Blue Nile or Dollhouse on the East end of Fields Avenue. Guys that like it a bit more sleazy venture to Angeles downtown where local Filipino Men established a Filipino red-light district called the area. Blowjobs can be had for as little as 6 US$ in the lowest class establishments while a all-night bargirl companion from a gogo joint will cause a damage of around 30 US$.
Websites like Phil Monger and Asian Escapades give deep insight into the adult nightlife of the new extensions of the tourist red-light district of Angeles City. There is much more to Angeles City's adult nightlife than bars on Field's Avenue.

filipina bargirls
Three Filipina bargirls in a bar uniform from a brothel on the outskirts of Angeles City

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Escort Scams from Ukraine

According to Travel Sex Guide's Ukraine escort listings a new form of prostitution fraud is emerging from Eastern European countries. So called escort agencies from Ukraine, Moldavia and Romania offer traveling escorts that will visit customers in their West European home. They ask for advance payment for flight expenses and the escort services. Once the money is sent to the Ukraine by Western Union customers never hear back from them and of course they will not receive a visit from the beautiful companion who's images were just a fake. Some of the escort agencies from the Ukraine employ female students in call centers to lure potential customers into indecent deals. But still: all goes up in air and the horny John is left without money and escort.
We would strongly advise never to use any services from Ukrainian escort agencies to import escorts to West Europe or the US. The dangers of losing money are extremely high and you could also face criminal charges for trafficking and illegal employment. It is much more advisable to visit the countries on a vacation or business trip and engage in agreements with real local talent. Prostitution is widely spread in the Ukraine and escorts advertise in local papers and on various internet sites.

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Brothel Discounts for Senior Citizens

One of Germany's biggest brothels, Pascha in Cologne, has announced a 50% discount offer for senior citizens during a happy hour between noon and 5pm. Senior Citizens would need to provide a photo ID as proof of being over 66 years of age. According to an online news article by AHN the price for sex with prostitutes inside the Pascha Laufhaus normally amounts to 67 Euros. Take 50% off and you have a nice quick sex bargain. A sex session usually includes a blowjob and protected vaginal sex in most German brothels.
Pascha has always been known as one of the few German brothels with active marketing and seasonal promotions. One of their last promotions during the last soccer world championships has drawn negative attention as Muslims felt offended because flags of Islamic countries were displayed on a advertisement for the 7 story brothel. The brothel removed the flags on their ad campaign.

German brothel discount
A whooping 50% discount is offered to people over 66 years for sex with prostitutes inside Cologne's Pascha brothel during happy hour.

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Peru Brothels

Ever thought about visiting Lima in Peru for a sex vacation? Peru might not have the international flair of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Caracas or Buenos Aires, but it is full of brothels, escort services and night clubs for gentlemen. Peru Tops is a website that provides the best info on the vibrant prostitution scene in Lima. It is a board with Spanish and English discussions about escort services and field reports about brothels. Great education about prices and what to expect from the brothel ladies and the location of brothels like Las Cucardas, Peru's most famous brothel. They even feature instructions for newbies! Try Peru Sex links for more resources on prostitution in Peru.

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World Sex Guide

Ever heard about a site called World Sex Guide? Currently there are 2 sites around: one ending in .org and one ending in .com. Actually, none of the two have anything in common with the original non-commercial idea of the world sex guide. The founder of the world sex guide called himself Atta. Back in the mid 90ies Atta would write and compile articles about where to find prostitutes and how they performed on a newsgroup called This was in the early days of the internet when mail submission lists, user groups, news groups, goopher and compuserve chats were still the main source of information. HTML browsers were just starting to exist. Hosting was very expensive, but Atta found They did host his text based collection of prostitution reports on their domain until 1997. Afterwards Atta started the where he continued to update his site for a short while until he ceased to continue and the domain became vacant. Rumors are that he died, but nobody really knows.
Once the domain became vacant a new webmaster took advantage of it and used the name to register a US trademark. The current 2 versions of the wsg are pretty much alike, but the International Sex Guide is another successor of Atta's premier idea for free discussions about global prostitution. The original posts of the old world sex guide can still be found on many commercial and non-commercial pages. Of course they are completely outdated, but they give a good idea about how much fun sex tourism was before the internet started.

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Pattaya Bar Girls on Youtoube

Sexy Thai prostitutes from Pattaya can be seen in over 120 short video clips on Youtoube. A Japanese guy who is fluent in Thai languages releals Thai bar girls in front of his handycam. User Thaibb206 portraits the bargirls on walking street, inside hotel rooms and even in the bathroom. Unlike most other smut that originates in Pattaya's red-light district the clips are tasteful and intimate. They lack derogative language and vulgarity. It's a pleasure to look at them. Pattaya bar girls are nice to watch - even when they are dressed.

Pattaya bargirl videos
A small selection of short Pattaya Thai bar girl videos that can be found on Youtube

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Great Prostitute Images

Tommy Mardell is a great Scandinavian photographer who has published some of the finest photos about the War in Yugoslavia, Ground Zero in New York, several natural destasters. On his homepage Tommy presents a cool selection of prostitution related images. His Darkside collection contains images from a shady third world brothel in Cairo, snapshots of street walkers from the Czech border town Teplice, Hamburg sex workers and a few more.

Teplice prostitute
A gypsy prostitute on the streets of Telpice negotiates the price for a quick sex session with the driver of a passing car. Courtesy of

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Sex Tourist Grubert

He calls himself Major Grubert and he travels around the globe with just one thing in mind: cheap hookers! Grubert is a notorious sex tourist and he does one thing more than his alikes: he writes reports, takes pictures and publishes all of his carnal exploits on his websites Major Grubert (German) and Major Grubert International (English). Main purpose of his rambling sex accounts is to market self produced image CDs and DVDs with more detailed reports and illustrations via mail order. Unlike others who do similar things he is not trying to rip people off their well earned bucks. He really keeps up to his word and delivers what he is promising. His material is less expensive than access to membership sites that offer nothing else but outdated second hand accounts. Grubert has published hooker CDs from the following countries: Thailand, Brazil, Cuba, Philippines, Cambodia and Kenya. He actively participates on sex travel boards in German language like Calimba.

Phuket hookers
Beergarden ladies from Major Grubert's image collection from Phuket Thailand

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On Youtoube: Filipina Bar Girls

Just recently a youtoube user named angelescityaddict posted a series of short video clips on Youtoube website that contain intimate details from the inside of the gogo bars in Angeles City Philippines. The clips show Filipina bar girls at their work. They dance in tiny bikinis to strobing red-light and loud music. If you ever wanted to know how Filipino girlie bars look from the inside, those videos will show you the reality. The videos show Dollhouse, Las Vegas and Nasty Duck Bar that are located along the Fields Avenue red-light district.

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Tijuana Brothels

The Mexican border towns have always been the closest destinations for sex hungry mongers from Taxas, California and Arizona. Tijuana, Mexicali and Nogales are the most popular Mexican border towns that offer brothels and bars filled with Mexican hookers. Mexico's prostitutes and booze are cheap and easy to get. It's much more affordable for American mongers to head to Mexico than to visit cathouses in Nevada, the only place in the US where brothel keeping and prostitution are legal. Since so many rich gringos make their way to Tijuana and other sin cities crime and scams have a big negative impact on prostitution in Mexico. It is not as easy to avoid the vice for newbies, but there are several guides on the internet that give updated accounts on Tijuana whores like Club Hombre, World Sex Archives and TSM travel. Members of these sites do frequently report about what is going on in Mexican bordellos and the bars of Tijuana and they warn about common scams that can help to avoid injuries, theft and trouble with corrupt officials.

Adelitas Tijuana brothel
Adelitas is a famous Tijuana Bar. Courtesy of Adelitas Homepage.

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Curitiba escorts

Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo come into most people's minds when they think about an erotic vacation in Brazil. There is more to Brazil than those two destinations. Almost every town has one or more brothels, termas, boates or escort agencies. Just like Fortaleza, Bahia and Curitiba. Some of them have a sheer abundance of gorgeous acompanhantes (porgtuguese expression for escort girls) that are more than willing to give great service on incall or outcall basis. As they are used to cater for locals they will not try to overcharge tourists from foreign countries. Sadly overcharging has become a very bad habit of escorts, bars and brothels in Rio's tourist districts. Give the lesser known Brazilian towns a try to experience better carnal satisfaction and have more fun for less money. Check out Starnight to sample a quick impression on Curitiba escorts.

curitiba escort
Curitiba escort Agatha in top shape.

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Costa Rica Girls

Beautiful Costa Rica is one of the most attractive Central American destinations for erotic holidays. The country hosts some of the finest couples only swinger resorts and a lot of venues for single male travelers to pick up girls. The most infamous places to find Costa Rica girls for questionable activities are watering holes in San Jose like the Blue Marlin Bar, strip joints and massage parlors named Kyris, Now York, etc. - just to name a few places.
While there are a lot of sites and boards on the tica scene - tica being a term for female prostitutes - it is hard to find sites that show actual nude images of hot Costa Rican chicas that are for real. The only site that we could locate that has good, professional quality images of San Jose hookers and gives accounts on the commercial sex scene with addresses of bars and clubs is Costa Rica Girl (Edit: no longer available). The site shows several hookers dressed and nude and goes even as far as showing lesbian and hardcore scenes with Costa Rica escorts. The nudes are very tasty and erotic. They provide a genuine feel for the raunchy side of Costa Rica because they are mixed with real life accounts from the red-light areas.

2 Costa Rica girls that work as prostitutes in San Jose bars
Two Costa Rica prostitutes from a bar in San Jose. They can bee seen nude on Costa Rica Girl website

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Bangkok Hooker Pix

Guys love to take pictures of girls and present them like trophies. Some of them post them on boards that are exclusive for members. Some of those monger boards have leaks and it possible to view the hooker pix without signing up, just like a Japanese gentlemen's forum that allows you to browse the pix of their members if you enter the urls manually. Just replace the number of the pic with any digits ranging from 1 to 180 and you will be able to view images of Thai whores from Sukhumvit, Patpong Japanese bars and from Soi 7 beergarden as well as from Pattaya.

bangkok hooker
Replace the number of the pic and enter in your browser to view Thai girls

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Many Amsterdam Brothels to close

According to news reports Amsterdam who hosts the largest European red-light district, intends to close down about a third of the legally oprating brothels where prostitutes offer their services legally. The licenses of 37 brothels and sex show venues have been revoked because the owners were under suspicion of crimes like money laundering as Fox News reports today. The Dutch prostitutes and brothel owners announced to take legal steps against the decision of the city of Amsterdam.

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