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Sao Paulo Sex Vacation

Most people will fancy Rio de Janeiro as the top sex destination in Brazil, but don't forget Sao Paulo. It is Brazil's biggest city with countless brothels like incall escorts, love hotels and the infamous Termas (and of course Cafa Photo). Foreigners have a very hard time to get along in Sao Paulo unless they have a good guide. Just recently we discovered Sampa Guide, a Sao Paulo university student who will show sex tourists around town and introduce them to the local brothels. Sampa will take care of typical punter's needs and make sure that foreigners will be charged local prices, only. He will not just be a guide, but also an interpreter and all for a very reasonable fee.

Sao Paulo Escort
A Sao Paulo prostitute with the recommendation of Brazilian sex tourist guide Sampa

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Philippine Massage Parlors

You probably heard and tried out the massage parlors in Thailand where extra services from handjob to full service are offered in certain establishments. They have those kind of massage parlors in the Philippines, too. Most of these parlors are in the capital of Manila. They are spread all over the city, but a high concentration can be found in Quezon City and Binondo (Chinatown). They cater to a local crowd. Cheap places are located in Manila close to Harrison Street and in Cubao on E. Rodriguez street. For those who are located in Makati close to the P. Burgos Street Bars there are 2 places to go to: Palacio Don Pedro and Imperial. Both places have a nice selection of Filipinas that will first give a short oil massage for around 1500 Piso and turn her attention to other areas of interest for an additional tip of 1500 to 2500 Piso. It is pretty obvious that most attendants have rather poor massage skills compared to their counterparts in Thailand and they are pretty much upset if you don't ask for extras and tip them generously. If you want a good body massage, you are better up to go to Thailand or try out Jakarta Indonesia.

Makati Massage Parlor
Imperial is a Manila massage parlor located along bussy Makati Ave. They have recently renovated the premises.

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Jinetera - Cuban Love Girl

Love for sale has always been a big business in Cuba, but since 1998 Fidel Castro's regime has cracked down on it's prowd prostitutes on the Malecon of Havana. No more parading Jineteras in sight when you walk along the wall that seperates old Havana from the Sea and no more girls available in beach resorts like Varadero.
Prostitutes are still available, but at different places. They are either hiding behind sleazy pimps and touts who approach tourists if they want a chica for a night. Some girls pretend to be hitchhikers aiming at richer tourists with rental cars to give them a ride to their Casa Particular (privately owned pensions). One has to be on the watch as the police loves to harass the chicas for a financial kickback. Cuba is far away from being a paradise for chica hunters, but with good Spanish language skills it is still possible to have a lot of fun as Cuba sex reports on WSA suggest.

A Jinetera who pretended to be a hitchhiker undresses in a private casa after being picked up by a tourist car driver.

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Cheap Sex in Cambodia

People always look for sex. Some look for the cheapest sex possible either because they have limited funds or because they don't like to spend more money as necessary for a wet hole. One of the countries that is said to be the cheapest sex vacation destination is Cambodia. Over shadowed by a dramatic HIV crisis this country was forced to take measures and close down their infamous KM11 brothel village. But prostitution is still rampant in Phnom Penh. Besides countless parlors that mainly cater for Asian customers there are several watering holes for western expats where Cambodian hookers wait to be invited for a night-out. Since sex is so cheap in Cambodia punters don't need to be rich to afford 3, 4 or even 5 ladies per night as the sex reporters of 4Women of the World document in their indepth Cambodia prostitution reports.

Cambodia Hooker
Four Cambodian hookers at a wild party. They get picked up at easy to find hangouts around Phnom Penh. Image courtesy of

This information is outdated and much has changed. The site quoted has changed it's nature and structure and does not represent it's original content. If you are looking for information on Cambodian hookers, you may find some answers from Klaus:

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Pool Parties in Angeles City RLD

Pool party is the new word for the formerly outlawed wet t-shirt contests in the Philippines. These events take place in Angeles City north of the Philippine capital Manila, widely known for hosting the biggest red-light district of the Philippines.
Filipina bargirls dressed in bikinis dance in groups around the pool while occasionally flashing their nude assets to judges and other people in attendance. While these shows are not as naughty as one would expect, they are fun to watch while you a get a nice dose of tranquilizing booze. It is said that these events get watched by many Asian porn producers who are on the search for new talents. It is certainly a good possibility to watch the bargirls without makeup and judge their physical appearance more accurate compared to the dance stanges inside the bars with dimmed light. More info on upcoming pool parties is available from the Go 2 Phil website.

wet t-shirt
A group of Filipina bargirls perform a dance at a pool party in Angeles City.

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Male Brothel to open in Nevada


The infamous Heidi Fleiss, known for her bust in 1993 for running an upscale ring of escorts in Los Angeles, announced plans to open an all male brothel in Nye County, Nevada according to online magazine Jewtastic. The establishment will cater to ladies who want to enjoy sensual male company for an hour or more. Compared to normal brothels the rate will be reasonably cheap at 250$ an hour. It will be the first male brothel for ladies should a license be granted from the local commissioners and sheriff. It will bear the name Stud Farm. There have been several reports about Fleiss trying to convince ex-world boxing champion Mike Tyson to work as a male escort.

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Black Prostitute Search


Many men dream about sexual encounters with exotic black women. Besides Asian and Latina women, men favor to have at least one sexual encounter with an ebony prostitute in their life. But many sex tourists are hesitant to travel all the way to Africa. Where to find good looking black prostitutes?
Cuba and Dominican Republic are probably the best destinations to find black freelancers. The black Jineteras from Cuba give real girlfriend sex and like to spend days and weeks with their lovers while the chicas from the Dominican Republic are more hardened sluts that will try to extract as much money as possible from punters, sometimes with the help of corrupt police men and without giving any service at all. Probably most Dom-Rep Chicas still provide good sex, but they have the reputation of being more business than romance minded.
If you like to meet up with black prostitutes inside legal brothels you have to travel to Frankfurt, Germany. Many brothels in the infamous Bahnhofsviertel RLD like the Eros Center have dozens of black prostitutes from African countries and the Carribean. They come in all sizes and shapes, but most of them are big and mature. Prices start from 20 Euro for a quick suck and fuck that lasts about 15 minutes.

black prostitute
Black prostitutes from Cuba have a fine reputation of being in great shape and providing GFE sex.

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German Brothels: FKK Clubs


Germans are always good in inventing new things. Rules and laws are so tight that prostitutes were confined in overpriced rip-off night clubs and sleazy brothels for many years. About 25 years ago a new sort of establishment started to exist: the sauna clubs that later were renamed to FKK Clubs. FKK is a German term for nudists and public nudity and in combination with a brothel it became a synonym for what-you-see-is-what-you-get bordellos that were unknown of before. Instead of looking at disguised and make up enhanced whores in dark bars while being forced to buy expensive drinks you would be able to look at female nudists in a spa like environment and pick the ones that looked best. You could even check on their performance as sex in public would be the most normal thing. Besides there are numerous board on the net like the German Roemerforum, 21orOver and World sex archives that would publish member submitted reports about the various FKK Clubs, so you would always be able to keep up on which girls are hot.
The German FKK Clubs even became a destination for sex tourists from the US. Instead of traveling to Bangkok or Rio, US sex tourists enjoy safe guarded and organized sex vacations in Germany. They can book their trips with Fkk Tours. A side trip to the Amsterdam red-light district is just a few hours on the Autobahn by rental car and gives extra value to the European sex vacation.

FKK Atlantis
Impressive FFK girl line up at a Fkk Club in Germany. The girls do not show their faces for privacy protection. Image courtesy of

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Webcam Cyber Brothels


Maybe you always wondered what kind of girls would advertise on adult dating sites or work as cam girls from home or out of cam studios. While most of female profiles on dating sides can be considered fake or out of date, the web cam girls are for real. Lately I was a bit bored and started surfing on webcam sites. While the European and American girls are kind of hardened professionals - pretty much like strippers - I found the girls on Asian Chat sites to be more easy to get along. After chatting with them for awhile I found out that many of the Asian models have previously worked in bars like in Pattaya, Bangkok, Angeles City, Manila or Mumbai. It seems that working on the chat sites is much easier for them and they make more money as long as they have good English and communication skills. No more need to fuck a stranger every night. I tried to see if they would still be available to meet up and most of them were pretty positive about it. If you get tired of the dark and seedy bars of Asia it might be a good idea to try out the Asian chat girls in those cyber brothels. Maybe that's the way brothels in Asia will take. Besides girls they also have couples and a large number of ladyboys online.

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Bangkok Gay Bars


Last week I spent a few days in Bangkok and ventured thru the infamous tourist trap red-light district of Patpong. This rld is located next to Silom road and consists of bars on 3 side streets that are filled up with entertainers available for questionable activities and a bustling night market for tourists who are willing to spend their cash for useless souveniers and cheap clothing. This Patpong rld was well known for lewd shows in the past, i.e. girls that would stick snakes, fishes and even razor blades in their pussy and who would shoot darts and ping pong balls out of their clit. Things have calmed down, but some bars still offer shows in dark and secret corners.
If you exit this rld to one side you end up in a street that hosts numerous small night clubs that are exclusive for Japanese men. A white or black guy has no chance entering them. It's a pitty, because the girls that are waiting close to the entrances of these clubs are probably the most gorgeous prostitutes in Bangkok. It might be time to make some Japanese friends that will allow me to join them on their next barhop to Soi Japan.
If you continue the Patpong rld to it's end you will find yourself in a small but very crowded soi that is shaped like the letter L. I forgot the name of the soi, but it is bustling with bars where people sit outside and consume expensive drinks. There are some bars where you can enter and you find yourself in a place that reminds you of a typical Asian gogo bar - with one big difference: there are no girls! The stage is full of guys. Thai guys cladly dressed in boxer shorts and standing around to make eye contact. Yes, we have found them, the gay gogo bars of Bangkok.

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Sex Vacation Reports

4Womenoftheworld is a classy web site that provides acurate sex vacation reports from many countries. Unlike text based message boards 4Womenoftheworld does not concentrate on blow for blow explicit sex stories but rather gives a more elaborated description of the sex scene. Their reports consist of good descriptive text together with nice images and videos. When you see the clips you feel like you are right in the middle of a vibrant red-light district or bars that are filled with beautiful girls.
They are featuring some of the best hot spots. The reports cover the following countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Kong Kong, Macau, Brazil and Dominican Republic. According to the webmaster more destinations will be added shortly.

Chinese brothel sex workers
Chinese prostitutes from a Hong Kong bar

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Filipina Bargirls go for Porn

Trike Patrol is a new reality porn site from the Philippines. Amateur producer Jimmy Regina presents Filipina Bargirls and Angeles City brothel workers as actresses in his Bangbus copycat from Asia. Jimmy and friends drive around in Trikes to pick up females that wait for a ride. They end up in cheap hotels and engage in steamy sex for money. While the hole thing is a set up, all the girls are real prostitutes from the Philippines. The movies can give good insight on the actual performance of the girls. Of course Jimmy picked some of the best performers, only. Judging that these bargirls perform shown sexual performances for every paying customer, they are pretty cheap at less than 30 US$ per night. If one considers to have cheap sex with Asian Girls Angeles City in the Philippines is certainly a good destination.

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Prostitution in Vietnam

The following report details adult travel in Vietnam. It includes information about prostitutes in Nha Trang and other places. This report was originally submitted to World Sex Archives. If you would like to see all the pictures included with the report, please visit World Sex Archives.

After almost a week in Saigon I was ready to see some more of Vietnam. An expat living in Phnom Penh who had previously lived in Vietnam told me that Nha Trang was a very nice city and he thought that I would enjoy a visit there so I headed up to Nha Trang the next morning on the Sinh Travel tourist bus. Like I mentioned in part one, Sinh Travel has a large fleet of new, very large buses with the normal amenities of AC, etc. and I had a very enjoyable ride to Nha Trang. The trip took eight hours and cost $8. The scenery along the trip was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Vietnam is a beautiful country with some fantastic beaches and mountains as well as the standard SE Asia fare of many, many rice fields.

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Vintage Brothel and Prostitute Photos

It's not to long ago that taking images was more of an art than a point and shoot affair of seconds. Lot's of amateur photos of prostitutes and brothels are available on various sites, but it is very hard to find older images from past decades or centuries. The only available commercial source for such images is a site colled Vintage CD Art. Among the image CDs on sale they do offer one item with vintage photos of French prostitutes. According to their website the images were taken around 1880 in a French brothel in Paris.

vintage brothel photo
An image of a French prostitute in a Paris brothel taken around 1880. Courtesy of

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Australian Brothel offer: fuel discounts

Believe it or not, but borthel owners can be pretty good in marketing! According to several news reports an Australian brothel in Sydney is offering discounts on fuel. Madam Kerry's brothel will pay up to 20 Cents per litre of your last tank refill if you bring the receipt to your next joy session inside her Sydney brothel. Read the full article on ninemsn.

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Nevada Brothel for Sale

Nevada is the only state in the USA where brothel keeping is legal. There are a lot of brothels located close to Las Vegas and Reno. Prices are expensive for customers. According to several posts on prostitution blogs and boards a customer normally pays between 350 and 700 US$ for one hour of erotic entertainment in a Nevada brothel.
The Pussycat Ranch and gentleman's clubs in Winnemucca are for sale, now. It is a unique chance to buy a legally established fully licensed Nevada brothel. There are no prices on the web site, but a contact phone number and plenty of images of the bordello and the adjoining establishments that are also for sale by the owner are shown.

Nevada brothel
Pussycat Ranch, a Nevada Brothel, is for sale by owner.

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Ancient Brothel in Pompeii

Long before the Roman empire started to conquer the World, they had started to enjoy recreational sex. When Mount Vesuvius errupted 79 AD it left the town of Pompeii beneath thick ashes preserving most of it's remainings for to joy of todays's scientists. Excavations revealed erotic paintings in a building that was believed to be a popular brothel. The findings give spaculations about facts that contradict with what many people believe about prostitution today. One of the images shows a man giving cunnilingus to a woman cleaning up with the prejudice that brothels were always used by men, only. Another fresco shows man having sex with each other and an additional female, revealing early gay and bi-sexual behaviour in commercial brothels.

Ancient Roman Brothel
Two men and one female having bi-sexual intercourse in a Roman brothel AD. Source: Wikipedia

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Manila: Makati Burgos Street with Filipina Bargirls

Makati is the business district of the Philippine capital Manila. In a side street of Makati Avenue a small red-light district with about 15 agogo bars can be found. The name of the street is easy to remember and everybody knows what you are doing if you go to P. Burgos Street.

Burgos Street Makati Bars & Filipina Bargirls
Makati bars open on sunset and close at 5 am in the morning

What you find inside the bars on Burgos Street is not much different from other places in Asia. A small group of dancers on stage dressed in tiny bikinis and a large amount of GRO's in cocktail dresses that solicit for drinks. The big difference to other places in Manila or Angeles City are the prices. Expect to pay at least 2 to 3 times as much on drinks and barfines as elsewhere. A mineral water or beer can set you back 3 to 4 US$, a huge amount for a third world country. On the other side, P. Burgos is pretty safe. As a tourist you do not need to worry about security inside the clubs. You can lay back and enjoy the girls.

The visitors are usually foreign businessmen and tourists that have a nice spending budget and don't mind the prices. There are few expats and very few Filipinos who visit P. Burgos Street. The girls range from exotic beauties to over-the-hill-MILFS, but in average the girls are pretty good looking and more experienced than in other parts of the city. Some of the top bars on the short strip are: Billboard, Jools, Mascara, Ivory, Bottoms and Flamingo. The newest bar is called Ringside and features staged boxing fights of rivaling bargirls. A fun show for a change. Don't forget to visit Jools night club. They offer daily dance shows of high class format.

There is one danger that you should know about: Stay away from the girls that solicit on the streets! They run scams and are know to involve foreigners in setups that can cause a lot of trouble including imprisonment, theft and murder.

The Makati bars are also known for providing the newest talents for the Asian porn industry. A lot of Filipino porn and bargirl porn was shot with real Filipina bargirls from Makati.

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Save the Dumas Brothel

Prostitution was legal in the US state of Montana for a long period of time, but the good times have gone and conservative politicians outlawed the popular recreational activities in 1982 when the Dumas brothel closed after being in operation since 1890. Wikipedia writes that is was the longest legaly running whore house in the US.

historic Dumas brothel
A whore in the historic Dumas Brothel, Montana, USA

After it's closure the Dumas brothel became a bordello museum until it closed last year. Now, the brothel museum is looking for a new owner as the current owner does not have the funds to repair structural damage worth of about 20k Dollars.
If you are interested in owning a historic brothel museum or want to donate money for the renovation, have a look at the home page of the Dumas Brothel in Butte, Montana (sorry folks, they are closed).

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Special Massage

Bangkok Thailand is known for it's notorious nightlife with bars and massage parlors in designated areas around town. Over the past couple of years a new area of massage joints has grown along mid Sukhumvit Road. Those parlors are concentrating around the area of Soi 24 and 33 close to the Emporium shopping store and extend 1 to 2 Skytrain stations in both directions.

Bangkok Massage Parlor
A Bangkok Special Massage Parlor in a small side street

The massage parlors in this area are usually located in typical Thai multi story business houses in small side streets. They do advertise in monthly Japanese gentlemen's publications like gdiary. The thing that distinguishes them from other MPs is that they are offering a good massage from 60 to 120 minutes for normal prices and the fairly attractive attendants offer a special massage afterwards and expect a tip in return for the favor. We leave it up to the readers' imagination to what they expect from a special massage. Usually all expectations are met.

However, be advised that not all massage parlors do offer 'special' services. Many are legitimate massage places that just give a plain (but great) massage. The 'special' part usually comes in play when they advertise to have beautiful girls or when they offer either a fish bowl, line up or a cataloge with girls in seductive poses.

Many reviews of Bangkok's massage parlors are posted on the board of Bangkok Tonite.

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German Brothels and the Soccer World Cup

The years before the Soccer World Cup in Germany there was a lot of noise in the media about trafficking and prostitution dangers invloved with the high profile event. Politicians thought the event would trigger an unwanted upswing of the biz. Nothing like that happened. German brothels have a hard time in staying in business. The hot summer climate, vacation time and the World Cup show negative effects for their business.

brothel advertisement in Germany
German brothel newspaper ad offering live broadcasts of soccer games

German brothel owners are so desperate to get at least some business while everybody is vacationing or attenting soccer related events that they do need to offer live soccer broadcasts along with free drinks and food to attract at least a minimum amount of customers to cover their operating cost. Brothels that can not offer this special treat for their customers are suffering even worse like the walk-in brothels in the famous Frankfurt RLD. These houses are totally empty when soccer games take place and many prostitutes working there think about a vacation for themself. All are waiting for the summer to come to an close as they know business will return to normal once summer vacation is over.

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Mambo Kathoy Cabaret


If you decide to spend a sex vacation in Thailand don't forget to meet the Thai ladyboys and kathoys. Ladyboys are pre-op transsexuals that look like girls, but still have a penis. Kathoys are completely converted persons, that are almost identical to genetic females. The hottest and most desirable Thai kathoys perform twice every night inside the Mambo Cabaret Bangkok on Sukhumvit Road/Soi 22.

Mambo Kathoy
Entrance of Mambo Bangkok

The kathoy cabaret show lasts around 70 minutes and features many Thai kathoys who sing and dance while including the audience in funny games. It is a nice change to see them act. They do a great job and are entertaining the audience full of enthusiasm. If you surf around shemale porn sites like Asian TS you will recognize many of the top performers. It's a cool thrill to be there and see the shemale stars live.

The tickets for the show cost between 400 and 800 Baht. It is advised to buy the them a few hours before the show to secure good seats as Mambo is very popular with Japanese and Korean seight seeing tours.

If you think about getting a gender change yourself, you can find many sexual reassignment clinics in Thailand.

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Sleep in an old Alabama Brothel


It's a long time ago that the conservative US state of Alabama had brothels that were operating along main routes in the country. One of those old Alabama brothels in now operating as a hotel. The owners have restored the saloon to it's 1880 wild wild west look and the bordello rooms are authentic to the quarters that were used by whores, cowboys and sherifs for commercial sex around 130 years ago.
1880s brothel in Alabama USA

Alabama Brothel
Outside view of the 1880s Ranch Brothel in Alabama
that operates as a hotel, now.

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Private Prague Brothels


There are a lot of up scale night clubs in Prague, Czech Republic, but you can count those brothels on a few hands. The abundance of prostitutes in Prague work out of privates. Privates are apartments with one or more bedrooms. The girls gather in the living room of the brothel and once a guy shows up to get some erotic service he goes to one of the bed rooms with the girl(s) of his choice. It is easy to find those private brothels, as they all advertise on the internet and in newspapers.

Prague brothels
Brothels and escorts advertise in Prague's Annonce newspaper

There is a free ads paper called annonce that is available for a 17 Czech Korun on news stands (Trafika). Inside you will find up to 20 pages of ads from privates in Prague. Usually there are at least 800 ads of privates available. That gives you a slight idea about the size of the sex industry in Prague.
Once you have located an appealing ad you can just call the number and make an appointment. The girls will give you directions to their private. Most privates are located in large residential compounds that remind you of the old communist sponsored way of living.
Sex services are cheap. They start from 500 Korun for half an hour to around 6000 Korun for all night. Sometimes you might run into language problems, some Czech or Russian language skills are a big advantage.
Many privates do offer their girls for outcall as private escorts. So there is still alot of affordable commercial sex in Prgaue besides the hind end night clubs and escort agencies.

Prague private links

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Angeles City Philippines

It is a shit hole of a town about 80 miles north of Manila, but is has a vibrant red light district with around 80 or so gogo bars: Angeles City. Filipina girls from 18 to 26 years of age (and a few a bit older) entertain customers as dancers, waitresses and guest relation officers (GROs). They are all nothing but other expressions for prostitutes or bar girls as most of those girls are available for consentual paid sex if a customer likes them and if they like him. So you could call the bars brothels. It is a different set up as in most other countries as customers are required to buy the lady out of an brothel for a night or longer. The corresponding fee is called barfine and split in half between the bar and the bar girl.

Angeles City Bars
Angeles City: Plenty of gogo bars along Field's Avenue, Balibago

Most of the customers are foreigners who reside as retired army personal in the Philippines but there is a growing number of short time visitors and business men from the neighbouring Clark special economic zone, the previous Clark Airbase that hosted America's largest offshore military airport until 1993. Actually, American GIs were responsible for making the Balibago district of Angeles City - that's how they call the mile around Fields Aveneue and Santos Street - a large brothel.
The Filipina bar girls that work on the numerous gogo bars like Nero's Forum, Blue Nile and Brown Sugar are certainly not the prettiest, but most punters do not care much because alcohol and sex are so cheap. A nightout with booze, dinner and a lady in the sack can be as cheap as 40 US$. Much cheaper than in Manila where foreign tourists and locals alike need to spend at least 2 or 3 times as much to have a good time.
After the US army left Angeles City's Clark Airbase, the red light district was almost distinguished if Manila's mayor Lim hadn't unlawfully cleaned up the red light district of Ermita. Some Ermita bars moved their operations to Angeles City and starting in 1997 the internet strongly supported the rebirth of the Angeles bars. The prostitution newsgroups and sites like and later PI Monger and Asian Escapades strongly supported sex tourism to Angeles City. They said it was one of the last great places for single males to travel to.
Unlike some feminist groups claim these sites do nothing but report about what is going on inside the bars with images and reports. They are not organizing sex tours, but do encourage free speech among adults. As poeple like it they travel there or they stay away. Both, bar owners and these sites do take responsibility of making sure that all prostitutes involved in the city are of legal age (18 or over). The bar girls need to undergo some superficial health checks to detect most common bacterial infections, only. They are not checked for serious veneral or viral deseases (HIV, Hepathitis, Lues, etc.). - so condom use should be advised. The law enforncement and cityhall also do their best to keep the city clean from crimes to make it safe for tourists to travel.
Homepages of Angeles City Bars
Resources about sex and prostitution in the Philippines

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