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Czech Border Town Brothels

Everybody knows that Czech Republic in Central Europe has a vibrant night life. Prague is certainly known for large scale porn industry (like famous porn actress Sylvia Saint) and a large variety of night clubs, escort services, brothels and so called privates, small apartments where freelance prostitutes provide incall amusement. While most provincial towns do not have much for offer in terms of commercial sex, some little cities along the German and Austrian border offer plenty of nightly entertainment.

Those brothels around the border to the richer Western European countries are mostly small houses with 3 or 4 bedrooms that were previously used as bed and breakfest accomodations or family homes. The living room usually hosts a small bar and a dancing pole. The small places have around 3 to 5 girls and the larger establishments around Rozvadov, Cheb, As or Znaim offer up to 50 ladies. Prices are almost up to Western level and services tend to be bad.
That is the status as of now. A few years ago after the fall of the Iron Curtain and before Czech Republic joined the European Union the border towns were a great place for wild orgies with cheap sex and drinks. Ever since the Czech gouvernment decided to end visa free travel for Russian and Ukrainian prostitutes the services became bad and the prices moved up. Technically the brothels are still in operation, but it does not make much sense to have a look at them any more. Why buy a glas of champagne for a seasoned whore and pay her money to get scammed just a few minutes later in the bed rooms that are located upstairs in the houses? Unfortunately, it has become a common practise in those joints to promise a lot to customers during negotiations, but to offer little after payment has been made. You are much better off to head to Prague and try some of the night clubs or Prague escort services. If you still want to take a look at the border town brothels, check out CZ forum or Czech Sex Guide.

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Prostitution in Kenia


It is hard to find information on prostitution in Africa these days. Many people avoid the continent because of the high AIDS ratio and the ones that do visit hunting grounds on the black continent do not talk much about it. Kenia is the number one country for commercial sex in Africa. Sex is cheap and the girls come in all shapes and ages (and all are black).

Kenia prostitute
Freelancer prostitutes in a Mombasa disco in Kenia
Image courtesy of

The prostitutes in Kenia are freelancers that frequent certain discos and restaurants. It is not just coincidence that these places are close to tourist hang outs so the setup of a watering hole and meeting point for local females and foreign tourists is obvious. The same kind of thing works around the globe. In Mombasa it is not much different. Well, there is a difference. In Kenia the whores are much more aggressive than in Asia, Cuba or Russia. If a tourist goes into one of these places, he is more or less expected to go home with a girl. I guess that's why the guys enter Casablanca Club or Tembo Disco in the first place. The pickings are great. Sometimes there are 5 to 10 times as many girls in the club as there are potential male buyers. It is a paradise for guys that love black skin and African spices. And btw, there are similar places where western females hunt for African boys. Just to set the record straigth, there are more female sex tourists in Africa than male!
Major Grubert, a German speaking sex traveler has compiled his stories about prostitution in Kenia on CD that he is selling over his web site You might want to check out his reports to gain wider knowledge on the girls of Kenia.

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Bangkok's Biggest Brothel


Actually prostitution is outlawed and illegal in Thailand, but the land of smiles is more than just infamous for it's Thai body massage parlors, bar girls, gogo dancers, street whores and gentlemen's clubs. Remember that song: 'one night in Bangkok ...'
Just have a look at the biggest red light district of Bangkok, Thailand (maybe the biggest rld in Asia): NANA. It is a compound of 4 floors with around 40 bars. Most of the bars are a gogo bars with bar girls that dance cladly dressed in bikinis, topless, bottomless or even completely nude in front of potential mongers who chill on cheap beverages.

Nana Bangkok Brothel
Nana Bangkok entrance of brothel compound

Each bar in Nana is packed with more than a hundred bar girls and ladyboys (guys who look like girls or who have had a complete sex change, also known as Kathoys). Each girl is available for a lady drink that enables customers to make short contact and find common grounds. It is important for punters to find out if they really like a particular girl and it is easy. Who doesn't like to get invited for a drink? If they do like the bar girls they can opt to pay a barfine of about 600 Baht to the bar. Once the barfine is paid, the bar girl does not need to work anymore. She can just sit with the customer inside the bar or she can go home or she can even accompany the guest to his hotel. So far no prostitution at all .... that is Thai law. If the bar girl and the punter share common interests (money and sex) she will follow the guy to his hotel for a sensual session that usually lasts for one event (short time) or all night (long time). Legally it is all consentual because of the common interest: money and sex. Tricky Thai law, isn't it? Well, it is certainly more flexible than European and American laws and it is for the benefit for all involved. How much does it cost? Hey ... it is cheap! The drinks cost about 2 US$. You know about the barfine and if you are romantic you better don't ask if the girls like some tip. They do! It is a bit more than the barfine, but if you want to negotiate to get the cheapest street whore in town, you are better off to venture near by Sukhumvit Road after the bars close at 1 am im the morning. Many of those street whores are featured in Thai sex movies online and on pirated DVDs.

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Frankfurt Brothels

The redlight district in Frankfurt, Germany is one of the most famous brothel strips in the World. The houses of the Bahnhofsviertel opposite of the main railway station of Frankfurt still remain in operation after a long legal battle with the administration of the city who wanted to change the image of the city and give more space to banks and insurance companies.

Frankfurt brothel Eros Center in Elbestrasse
Frankfurt Brothel Eros Center in Mosel Strasse

You can still visit the walk in brothels on Elbe-, Taunus-, and Moselstrasse for a quick round on unemotional sex. Suprisingly, the hotels look as clean as 3 star hotels - a positive side effect of the failed attempts to outlaw prostitution - as pimps and brothel owners renovated all premises to remain in business and to guarantee safety of visitors and occupants during emergency situations. The choice of women is significantly smaller than during the hey days, but it is still acceptable for most punters that look for cheap sex as an alternative to their wifes and girlfriends who are unwilling to provide quick relief for their loved guys or for single guys who are just unable to find girls to spend time with them between the sheets.
The Frankfurt Redlight Brothel sexguide is a perfect guide for people who want to visit the brothels in Frankfurt. The site gives them information about the location of the brothels and provides them with important tit bids about what to expect, what to do and what not to do. the famous Janesguide labeled this site with a quality award.
The Frankfurt brothels normally operate like hotels. They rent out the rooms to ladies in one or two daily shifts. The girl then pays her room charges out of her earnings and whatever she has left over at the end of the day is her earning. Some girls make a fortune, other struggle to pay for the rent.
Customers are happy as prices remain low in a pricey city. A quick fuck and suck will cost them around 20 to 30 Euro, an hour about 100 Euro. A bargain compared to FKK Clubs and upscale night clubs who charge around 60 Euro just to let you in or overpriced drinks. It is safe and clean, which might be the reason why street prostitution in Frankfurt has almost vanished. There are streetwalkers nearby, but they are mostly drug addicts who are not admitted to work inside the brothels.

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