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Chang Ping in China

Changping sex workers
Chinese disco girls from Changping heading to a love hotel for some fun with punter John
Finding information about hookers in China proves more difficult than in most other countries. Mostly it's a language issue, but in many cases people familiar with the Chinese system want to keep this information a secret. We all know the negative effect… more »
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Agogo Bar Bangkok for sale

agogo bar Nana Plaza
Bar for sale in online classifieds from November 2014
Nana Plaza near Sukhumvit Road is one of the favorite hangout for single male tourists in Bangkok. A must visit for every Thailand sex vacation. Normally, those bars are great business opportunities for foreigners who have local connections. A clip notic… more »
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Gambia Hookers

Naked African
Gambia freelancer back at Grubert's hotel room
Guys who have seen Asian, European and Latina hookers often starve for more exotic places. But where to go? Some place off the beaten path! How about Gambia in Africa? It's one of the richest poor African countries. Probably not as well off as Ivory Coas… more »
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Subic Bay Barrio Baretto Bars

Subic Bay is mostly an industrial harbor in the North-West of Philippines' main island Luzon. It's 2 hours by car from Angeles City and Manila. Over the past years it has become more and more popular with expats and long term tourists who like to frequen… more »
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Dominican Republic Punting

Stunned and positively surprised, that's Major Gruberts resume of his recent Dominican Republic sex vacation to Cabarete, Sosua and Boca Chica. At this time there is a German version of his recent visit online. Prior to his vacation author upgraded his l… more »
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Cheap Sex Vacation in Germany

Forget Brazil, Thailand and Russia when it comes to budget sex. Visiting emerging market brothels can be an expensive undertaking. But where to find cheap sex? How about Germany? Europe's currency Euro is in trouble and sinking to new lows against the Gr… more »
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Taxi Drivers and Whore Houses

Possibly, the most used and convenient way of finding whore houses and erotic massage parlors: enter a taxi and ask cabbies to bring you to the best girls in town. A golden opportunity for taxi drivers! Some brothels will provide them with promo material… more »
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Escort Fiesta in Argentina

Sex parties with real escorts? Do they exist? Terrible Fiesta is an sex fair with real Buenos Aires prostitutes from escort portals like TacosAltom.Com and live sex shows. Visitors are encouraged to take part in the event more »
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Adult Travel Pioneer Dies in Philippines

He was known as Bee, a British expat living in the Philippines: John G. died late April 2010 in Angeles City, Philippines (home to one of Asia's biggest red-light districts with countless agogo bars) from Diabetes before he could seek further medical tre… more »
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Thai Whores as Girlfriends

Let's be honest: some people visit brothels to get a quick fix while others seek romance and an erotic liaison with a sexy young women - and some of them get married to their trophy mistresses. This certainly explains why so many Ex-Girlfriend sites like… more »
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Campo Allegre

Curacao, romantic island in the South Caribbean sea: As it is a Dutch colony and used to be an important sea harbor, of course there is prostitution and there is one (in-)famous brothel: Campo Allegre. The whorehouse is a compound of many small houses th… more »
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Sex Vacation Destinations

Newbies always ask: what is the best place for a sex vacation? While there are many sex tourism related boards to seek advice like the World Sex Guide Archives, little is known about true statistics. I found just one place to see real numbers. The sex to… more »
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Singapore Orchard Towers

Poor Singaporeans get their daily fix at a Geylang Brothel, but affluent sex tourists and expats like bank managers and other consultants enjoy to pick up freelancing chicks at the Orchard Towers. During the day it's one of many shopping centers on bustl… more »
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Macao Sauna 18

A few weeks back they were holding the first adult convention over in Macao, a small Chinese province located close by Hong Kong that was administered by the Portuguese for many years. It's well known for it's casinos and gambling, but it is also known a… more »
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Phone Sex

No, I am not going recommend you a number for phone sex! It's a waste of time and money imho. While I was visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina earlier this year my prepaid cell phone ran out of credit and I had to use a public pay phone. To my surprise the p… more »
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Mature Escort

Not to long ago I made a visit to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina for a quick sex vacation. They have a lot of absolutely gorgeous girls on the escort pages and in various strip clubs. After a while I got tired of the young ladies from 18 to 25. I… more »
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Filipina Prostitute

We all know that porn producers like to name girls 'whores'. This term for a prostitute has become a synonym for porn stars, but normally adult actresses don't work as hookers and escorts dislike doing porn. However, when you go to the Philippines there… more »
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Costa Rica Hookers

Costa Rica always pops up as one of the countries that is famous as a sex vacation destination for adults. While the beautiful Pacific coast hosts several nude and alternative lifestyle resorts for swingers, gays and lesbians prostitution is almost non e… more »
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Bargirls Live

If you are a friend of Asian Bar Girls, you may wanna have a look at a new webcam site: Asian Barcams. This chat site features live video feeds and chat of actual Asian prostitutes - so called Bar Girls. Most of them are or have previously worked as ente… more »
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TSM Travel Review

When you enter TSM Travel all you see is a black page with a little white and red text, but it pops up as number one on many search engines for keywords like adult travel, sex vacation, etc. Just scroll down the page and you will see a search window. Ent… more »
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Bargirl Porn

Observing Asian porn sites one can recognize a new trend in Asia that goes away from Asian-looking US girls (so called import models) and overly styled Japanese beauties to street hookers and LBFM bargirls from countries with lots of prostitution like Th… more »
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Polish Brothels

After the demise of the Czech Republic and Hungary as European sex heavens Poland is the number one East European country for weekend sex vacations. Polish brothels on the border to Germany have always been a great hunting ground for budget minded Dutch… more »
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Buenos Aires

While Brazilian cities like Rio and Sao Paulo are very famous as destinations for sensual vacations Buenos Aires in Argentina is not as well known in this regard. However, BsAs is a hell of a top spot for escorts, massage parlors and street walkers. An a… more »
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Pattaya Walking Street

It's a candy land for horny males: Walking Street in South Pattaya. This red-light district in Thailand's sex destination Pattaya puts everything else related to prostitution in a dark shadow. The amount of bars where beautiful gogo dancers (strippers) a… more »
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New FKK Vacation

FKK Tours is currently offering new discounts for their German sex vacation tours of FKK clubs. Accordning to the newest information they offer a discount rates for their September and November bordello tours in Germany. Book before June 1st 2007 us… more »

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