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Frankfurt Brothels

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Frankfurt Brothels

The redlight district in Frankfurt, Germany is one of the most famous brothel strips in the World. The houses of the Bahnhofsviertel opposite of the main railway station of Frankfurt still remain in operation after a long legal battle with the administration of the city who wanted to change the image of the city and give more space to banks and insurance companies.

Frankfurt brothel Eros Center in Elbestrasse
Frankfurt Brothel Eros Center in Mosel Strasse

You can still visit the walk in brothels on Elbe-, Taunus-, and Moselstrasse for a quick round on unemotional sex. Suprisingly, the hotels look as clean as 3 star hotels - a positive side effect of the failed attempts to outlaw prostitution - as pimps and brothel owners renovated all premises to remain in business and to guarantee safety of visitors and occupants during emergency situations. The choice of women is significantly smaller than during the hey days, but it is still acceptable for most punters that look for cheap sex as an alternative to their wifes and girlfriends who are unwilling to provide quick relief for their loved guys or for single guys who are just unable to find girls to spend time with them between the sheets.
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The Frankfurt brothels normally operate like hotels. They rent out the rooms to ladies in one or two daily shifts. The girl then pays her room charges out of her earnings and whatever she has left over at the end of the day is her earning. Some girls make a fortune, other struggle to pay for the rent.
Customers are happy as prices remain low in a pricey city. A quick fuck and suck will cost them around 20 to 30 Euro, an hour about 100 Euro. A bargain compared to FKK Clubs and upscale night clubs who charge around 60 Euro just to let you in or overpriced drinks. It is safe and clean, which might be the reason why street prostitution in Frankfurt has almost vanished. There are streetwalkers nearby, but they are mostly drug addicts who are not admitted to work inside the brothels.