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Bangkok's Biggest Brothel

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Bangkok's Biggest Brothel

Link: http://www.asiansexland.com/nana_bars/index.htm

Actually prostitution is outlawed and illegal in Thailand, but the land of smiles is more than just infamous for it's Thai body massage parlors, bar girls, gogo dancers, street whores and gentlemen's clubs. Remember that song: 'one night in Bangkok ...'
Just have a look at the biggest red light district of Bangkok, Thailand (maybe the biggest rld in Asia): NANA. It is a compound of 4 floors with around 40 bars. Most of the bars are a gogo bars with bar girls that dance cladly dressed in bikinis, topless, bottomless or even completely nude in front of potential mongers who chill on cheap beverages.

Nana Bangkok Brothel
Nana Bangkok entrance of brothel compound

Each bar in Nana is packed with more than a hundred bar girls and ladyboys (guys who look like girls or who have had a complete sex change, also known as Kathoys). Each girl is available for a lady drink that enables customers to make short contact and find common grounds. It is important for punters to find out if they really like a particular girl and it is easy. Who doesn't like to get invited for a drink? If they do like the bar girls they can opt to pay a barfine of about 600 Baht to the bar. Once the barfine is paid, the bar girl does not need to work anymore. She can just sit with the customer inside the bar or she can go home or she can even accompany the guest to his hotel. So far no prostitution at all .... that is Thai law. If the bar girl and the punter share common interests (money and sex) she will follow the guy to his hotel for a sensual session that usually lasts for one event (short time) or all night (long time). Legally it is all consentual because of the common interest: money and sex. Tricky Thai law, isn't it? Well, it is certainly more flexible than European and American laws and it is for the benefit for all involved. How much does it cost? Hey ... it is cheap! The drinks cost about 2 US$. You know about the barfine and if you are romantic you better don't ask if the girls like some tip. They do! It is a bit more than the barfine, but if you want to negotiate to get the cheapest street whore in town, you are better off to venture near by Sukhumvit Road after the bars close at 1 am im the morning. Many of those street whores are featured in Thai sex movies online and on pirated DVDs.