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Prostitution in Kenia

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Prostitution in Kenia

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It is hard to find information on prostitution in Africa these days. Many people avoid the continent because of the high AIDS ratio and the ones that do visit hunting grounds on the black continent do not talk much about it. Kenia is the number one country for commercial sex in Africa. Sex is cheap and the girls come in all shapes and ages (and all are black).

Kenia prostitute
Freelancer prostitutes in a Mombasa disco in Kenia
Image courtesy of Major-grubert.com

The prostitutes in Kenia are freelancers that frequent certain discos and restaurants. It is not just coincidence that these places are close to tourist hang outs so the setup of a watering hole and meeting point for local females and foreign tourists is obvious. The same kind of thing works around the globe. In Mombasa it is not much different. Well, there is a difference. In Kenia the whores are much more aggressive than in Asia, Cuba or Russia. If a tourist goes into one of these places, he is more or less expected to go home with a girl. I guess that's why the guys enter Casablanca Club or Tembo Disco in the first place. The pickings are great. Sometimes there are 5 to 10 times as many girls in the club as there are potential male buyers. It is a paradise for guys that love black skin and African spices. And btw, there are similar places where western females hunt for African boys. Just to set the record straigth, there are more female sex tourists in Africa than male!
Major Grubert, a German speaking sex traveler has compiled his stories about prostitution in Kenia on CD that he is selling over his web site major-grubert.com. You might want to check out his reports to gain wider knowledge on the girls of Kenia.