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Angeles City Philippines

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Angeles City Philippines

It is a shit hole of a town about 80 miles north of Manila, but is has a vibrant red light district with around 80 or so gogo bars: Angeles City. Filipina girls from 18 to 26 years of age (and a few a bit older) entertain customers as dancers, waitresses and guest relation officers (GROs). They are all nothing but other expressions for prostitutes or bar girls as most of those girls are available for consentual paid sex if a customer likes them and if they like him. So you could call the bars brothels. It is a different set up as in most other countries as customers are required to buy the lady out of an brothel for a night or longer. The corresponding fee is called barfine and split in half between the bar and the bar girl.

Angeles City Bars
Angeles City: Plenty of gogo bars along Field's Avenue, Balibago

Most of the customers are foreigners who reside as retired army personal in the Philippines but there is a growing number of short time visitors and business men from the neighbouring Clark special economic zone, the previous Clark Airbase that hosted America's largest offshore military airport until 1993. Actually, American GIs were responsible for making the Balibago district of Angeles City - that's how they call the mile around Fields Aveneue and Santos Street - a large brothel.
The Filipina bar girls that work on the numerous gogo bars like Nero's Forum, Blue Nile and Brown Sugar are certainly not the prettiest, but most punters do not care much because alcohol and sex are so cheap. A nightout with booze, dinner and a lady in the sack can be as cheap as 40 US$. Much cheaper than in Manila where foreign tourists and locals alike need to spend at least 2 or 3 times as much to have a good time.
After the US army left Angeles City's Clark Airbase, the red light district was almost distinguished if Manila's mayor Lim hadn't unlawfully cleaned up the red light district of Ermita. Some Ermita bars moved their operations to Angeles City and starting in 1997 the internet strongly supported the rebirth of the Angeles bars. The prostitution newsgroups and sites like Worldsexarchives.com and later PI Monger and Asian Escapades strongly supported sex tourism to Angeles City. They said it was one of the last great places for single males to travel to.
Unlike some feminist groups claim these sites do nothing but report about what is going on inside the bars with images and reports. They are not organizing sex tours, but do encourage free speech among adults. As poeple like it they travel there or they stay away. Both, bar owners and these sites do take responsibility of making sure that all prostitutes involved in the city are of legal age (18 or over). The bar girls need to undergo some superficial health checks to detect most common bacterial infections, only. They are not checked for serious veneral or viral deseases (HIV, Hepathitis, Lues, etc.). - so condom use should be advised. The law enforncement and cityhall also do their best to keep the city clean from crimes to make it safe for tourists to travel.
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