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Private Prague Brothels

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Private Prague Brothels

Link: http://www.prague-sexguide.com/privates.html

There are a lot of up scale night clubs in Prague, Czech Republic, but you can count those brothels on a few hands. The abundance of prostitutes in Prague work out of privates. Privates are apartments with one or more bedrooms. The girls gather in the living room of the brothel and once a guy shows up to get some erotic service he goes to one of the bed rooms with the girl(s) of his choice. It is easy to find those private brothels, as they all advertise on the internet and in newspapers.

Prague brothels
Brothels and escorts advertise in Prague's Annonce newspaper

There is a free ads paper called annonce that is available for a 17 Czech Korun on news stands (Trafika). Inside you will find up to 20 pages of ads from privates in Prague. Usually there are at least 800 ads of privates available. That gives you a slight idea about the size of the sex industry in Prague.
Once you have located an appealing ad you can just call the number and make an appointment. The girls will give you directions to their private. Most privates are located in large residential compounds that remind you of the old communist sponsored way of living.
Sex services are cheap. They start from 500 Korun for half an hour to around 6000 Korun for all night. Sometimes you might run into language problems, some Czech or Russian language skills are a big advantage.
Many privates do offer their girls for outcall as private escorts. So there is still alot of affordable commercial sex in Prgaue besides the hind end night clubs and escort agencies.

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