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Manila: Makati Burgos Street with Filipina Bargirls

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Manila: Makati Burgos Street with Filipina Bargirls

Makati is the business district of the Philippine capital Manila. In a side street of Makati Avenue a small red-light district with about 15 agogo bars can be found. The name of the street is easy to remember and everybody knows what you are doing if you go to P. Burgos Street.

Burgos Street Makati Bars & Filipina Bargirls
Makati bars open on sunset and close at 5 am in the morning

What you find inside the bars on Burgos Street is not much different from other places in Asia. A small group of dancers on stage dressed in tiny bikinis and a large amount of GRO's in cocktail dresses that solicit for drinks. The big difference to other places in Manila or Angeles City are the prices. Expect to pay at least 2 to 3 times as much on drinks and barfines as elsewhere. A mineral water or beer can set you back 3 to 4 US$, a huge amount for a third world country. On the other side, P. Burgos is pretty safe. As a tourist you do not need to worry about security inside the clubs. You can lay back and enjoy the girls.

The visitors are usually foreign businessmen and tourists that have a nice spending budget and don't mind the prices. There are few expats and very few Filipinos who visit P. Burgos Street. The girls range from exotic beauties to over-the-hill-MILFS, but in average the girls are pretty good looking and more experienced than in other parts of the city. Some of the top bars on the short strip are: Billboard, Jools, Mascara, Ivory, Bottoms and Flamingo. The newest bar is called Ringside and features staged boxing fights of rivaling bargirls. A fun show for a change. Don't forget to visit Jools night club. They offer daily dance shows of high class format.

There is one danger that you should know about: Stay away from the girls that solicit on the streets! They run scams and are know to involve foreigners in setups that can cause a lot of trouble including imprisonment, theft and murder.

The Makati bars are also known for providing the newest talents for the Asian porn industry. A lot of Filipino porn and bargirl porn was shot with real Filipina bargirls from Makati.