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Bangkok Gay Bars

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Bangkok Gay Bars

Last week I spent a few days in Bangkok and ventured thru the infamous tourist trap red-light district of Patpong. This rld is located next to Silom road and consists of bars on 3 side streets that are filled up with entertainers available for questionable activities and a bustling night market for tourists who are willing to spend their cash for useless souveniers and cheap clothing. This Patpong rld was well known for lewd shows in the past, i.e. girls that would stick snakes, fishes and even razor blades in their pussy and who would shoot darts and ping pong balls out of their clit. Things have calmed down, but some bars still offer shows in dark and secret corners.
If you exit this rld to one side you end up in a street that hosts numerous small night clubs that are exclusive for Japanese men. A white or black guy has no chance entering them. It's a pitty, because the girls that are waiting close to the entrances of these clubs are probably the most gorgeous prostitutes in Bangkok. It might be time to make some Japanese friends that will allow me to join them on their next barhop to Soi Japan.
If you continue the Patpong rld to it's end you will find yourself in a small but very crowded soi that is shaped like the letter L. I forgot the name of the soi, but it is bustling with bars where people sit outside and consume expensive drinks. There are some bars where you can enter and you find yourself in a place that reminds you of a typical Asian gogo bar - with one big difference: there are no girls! The stage is full of guys. Thai guys cladly dressed in boxer shorts and standing around to make eye contact. Yes, we have found them, the gay gogo bars of Bangkok.

Follow up:

For a hetero-sexual with slight bi-interest it is an uncomfortable feeling. There is something in the air that reminds me of rabbit shit. I remember that smell when I was a kid. We were used to have rabbits. When it was raining for a few days, we would keep the animals in a stall and since they had no 'toilet' the place would smell badly. The odour in the boys bar was just as bad. Me and two friends sat down to have at least one drink and get a better overview, but we decided to end this escapade after one drink and leave the place to make it a one-time experience. We are all cured from 'maybe' trying a gay experience. See Munich Pride for some images from the gay rld.
We fled to King's Castle, a bar on Patpong that hosts post-op kathoys. What a fun place! All those girls were eager to show off their artificial pussies and boobs. I must admit, Thai sex reassignment clinics do a great job on converting males to females. One would wish that real genetic females would be as much fun as the ones made by hormones and surgery.