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TSM Travel Review

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TSM Travel Review

When you enter tsmtravel.com all you see is a white page with a little white and red text, but it pops up as number one on many search engines for keywords like adult travel, sex vacation, etc. Just scroll down the page and you will see a search window. Enter a place you want info about like Pattaya or Angeles City and you get a glimpse of the content of the site. TSM stands for 'The Single Male' - and you know what men like to do when they are far from home. TSM was the first adult travel website on the internet that started around 12 years ago. The World Sex Guide wasn't even born at that time. What you find on TSM is a nicely sized message board with reports and photos of prostitutes, bargirls and other attractions from all around the World. The members from the site invented sex travel to many destinations like Cuba, Cartagena, Hainan, Puerto Plata, Angeles City just to mention a few sex vacation destinations that flourished mainly by reports on the internet. Back then it was because people exchanged information on TSM to help those places to grow and develop a strong sex industry. Today, TSM has gotten a bit slower as competition of free local boards is growing and members are more interested in video content rather than text based information. However, TSM remains a good source of information for global sex travelers who want to gather as much information as possible and meet up with fellow hobbyist. The site is still worth it's membership fee.

TSM adult travel
The main message board of TSM is divided into regional forums with sex vacation reports that include videos of actual prostitutes from various countries. The board is accessible for paid subscribers, only.

Attention: TSM Travel has ceased operation in 2013 and is offline.