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Sex Vacation Destinations

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Sex Vacation Destinations

Newbies always ask: what is the best place for a sex vacation? While there are many sex tourism related boards to seek advice like the World Sex Guide Archives, little is known about true statistics. I found just one place to see real numbers. The sex tour and escort directory Travel Sex Guide publishes it's annual statistics about it's most popular pages sorted by country. It's divided into two sections: popularity by search terms as clicks sent from search engines like Google and Yahoo and by overall traffic that includes referring links. For 2008 the winner in both categories is Thailand, followed by Philippines and Russia. East European countries like Hungary and Czech Republic have fallen back, so have other traditional sex tourism destinations like Amsterdam, Nevada, Mexico, Brazil and Germany. It appears sex tourists prefer Asian locations with cheap quality accommodations and beaches over the security of European and American locations. Another stunning fact to pay attention to: shemale escorts appear to becoming far more dominant in the play. According to the statistics, a growing number of people seek an international sex vacation with transsexual partners over female company. Full list of Sex vacation statistics for the past 6 years can be found on the middle of this page inside a yellow table.

pattaya hooker

Prostitutes from Thailand like seen on this image from Pattaya's Soi 6 bars are still in very high demand from international sex tourists.