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Adult Travel Pioneer Dies in Philippines

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Adult Travel Pioneer Dies in Philippines

bee at wet t shirt contest

He was known as Bee, a British expat living in the Philippines: John G. died late April 2010 in Angeles City, Philippines (home to one of Asia's biggest red-light districts with countless agogo bars) from Diabetes before he could seek further medical treatment in his home country, UK. Bee has earned a reputation of building up adult travel to Angeles City, Manila and Subic during the heydays of the internet boom as a writer for gentlemen's boards like TSM Single Travel, a forum where punters and mongers exchange sex travel related information from all over the world. With travel building up to the red-light district, Bee started his own Filipino adult travel related website and Filipino bar forum Go2Phil that is still active today and Beeline travel agency catering to single male foreign tourists. Everybody who seeks to collect historic adult travel information from the Philippines since around 1995 can find valuable information in Bee's reports on Go2Phil. The website will continue to live on. May John aka Bee RIP.

Picture: Bee at work documenting a wet t-shirt contest for his go2phil website in 2004