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Blow Road: Santos Street

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Blow Road: Santos Street

Sex vacations in Third World countries are not as cheap as they were used to be. Look at Angeles City in the Philippines for example. The infamous red-light district of Field's Avenue in Balibago is no longer a place to find Filipina bar girls for a cheap rate. Over the past 10 years prices for drinks, lady drinks and barfines have more than doubled. Due to the recent developments of gambling venues prices are to increase even more. Girls are getting demanding as the better looking ones will sometimes ask for a tip in advance. Angeles is going the same route as Pattaya in many ways.
However, there are some places for frugal punters and they are just a short walk away: Santos Street and Raymon Street. Those are two side streets of the main Angeles City RLD. They host little shacks and houses. A couple of girls will lounge at the entrance and solicit drinks from customers. Drinks are less than half the price of the big bars and when you like a girl, take her to a small room inside the same building for short time sex. The damage is 700 Pisos or around 16 US$. That's less than a quarter of the cost as a spotlight dancer from the big bars like Atlantis or Dollhouse. Many seasoned sex tourists claim, the girls of Santos Street provide much better service compared to the dancers from a-gogo bars and they have gained the reputation of being preferably good at oral sex and thus their strip is called Blow Road. The only downside, the rooms are neither nice nor clean and the providers don't supply condoms. You need to bring your own rubbers (don't forget!). Of course the Blow Road Filipinas are also available for barfines of twice the short time rate should you desire to take them home to your hotel room. One more thing: be aware of streetwalker in dark corners. They are not real girls LOL or read GotoPhil for reviews of more bars and whore houses in the Philippines.

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Black Pearl and Shadows mini bar are two brothels on Santos Street.