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Ukraine Escorts Outlawed

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Ukraine Escorts Outlawed

Many European guys loved to take a short trip to Kiev or Odessa during summer to hook up with hot Ukraine escorts for a day or weekend sex vacation. Girls from East Europe have a fine reputation of being beautiful and devoted mistresses. Several Kiev escort agencies offered sex trips of their models visiting cities in Western Europe. Many of those girls were stunning beauties with fashion model looks. The party is over, at least it slowed down a lot. The government recently outlawed pornography in the country and banned escort websites with .ua extensions from offering sex related services such as escort agencies. Many websites were forced out of business and show nothing but blank pages. Others changed to .com and .net domains to keep on doing their business. The spiffy Kiev escort girls are still available, but it's more difficult to find them. Please, read our old article on escort scams to get the scoop about some indecent agencies and their fraudulent businesses. Will all the sexy models be working in bordellos, now?

Russian whore

Unlike sexy models from website advertisements, local Kiev brothels offer average looking women in cozy, small apartment whorehouses. Russian whores and Ukrainian women offer sexual services for less than 50 Dollars. Escorts from online websites often ask for more than 1000 Dollars for the same service.