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Sex in Isreal

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Sex in Isreal

Israel brothelMainstream media paints a very dark picture of whore houses in Israel. It's hard to believe such things happen in a rich and developed country. Mostly, Russian hookers who work in small houses for a couple of months before they return back home. Then there are Tel Aviv escort websites showing glamor models that look similar to upscale European escort agencies. Fact is, most of those escort agencies are the same brothels that are portrait as dark shit holes by TV and press. The truth is somewhere in between and it's hard to get reliable info unless you really want to go to Israel for a sex vacation.

Follow up:

I guess there are more attractive destinations for carnal pleasures in the first place. Anyhow, there is a good looking report with images from Russian whore houses in Israel on a Japanese monger guide Otonabi Sekai. Images and reports are dated 2008. Just use an online translation service to extract your information should you want to visit Tel Aviv or Jerusalem anytime soon.