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Taxi Drivers and Whore Houses

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Taxi Drivers and Whore Houses

When cab drivers, pimps and sexy girls mingle, customers may need deep pockets.

Possibly, the most used and convenient way of finding whore houses and erotic massage parlors: enter first taxi and ask cabby to shoe the best whores in town. A golden opportunity for taxi drivers to get more money out of your wallet than just regular fare! Some brothels will provide taxi companies with promo materials like flyers and glossy business cards, sometimes they will even bribe them to badmouth competing night spots. Cab drivers will most likely receive commissions from establishments and may even become eligible for a complimentary session with a prostitute should they deliver 3 or 4 customers together.

Follow up:

Basically, whore houses work the same way as discotheques and strip clubs. They lure taxi drivers into bringing customers into their houses and paying them a generous fee for this. In most cases, customers are being over-charged on taxi fares, drinks and services for compensation.

Rip-Offs from Poland to Thailand

Out of my memory I can recall at least 4 or 5 cases where taxi drivers who wanted to milk cash from me prevented me from having fun with hookers.
First time was in Wroclaw, Poland when I was asked to pay double the fees of club admission to Athena night club. Other places with similar problems were found in Budapest, Prague and Athens. Even budget countries like Manila. Philippines and Bangkok Thailand are no exception to cabbie rip-offs. Once I arrived in a Edison Road casa in Makati, their Filipino papasan (pimp) asked for 3000 Peso fee instead of 2000 regular price. Taxi driver offered a discount to cut his commission from 1000 to 500 Piso, but I still declined. Why would a taxi driver who was paid his fare be entitled to take a percentage? It would be OK when they drive you around for free like some Tuk-Tuk drivers do.

Information from Boards and Guides

From these experiences I learned to use websites like local escort review boards and world sex guides. Easy to find out about locations and prices from fellow customers. If there was a taxi surcharge, I would ask a driver to bring me to this nearby hotel or landmark and then walk to the premises. Another possibility would be to ask taxi driver to waive his fare in lieu of club's commission. In Bangkok, Thailand, latter works just fine. They prefer small business over no business, but in some other countries like the Philippines, Hungary or Colombia they do more care about ripping you off big time than rendering transportation services for a fair price. This is not just true in third world countries, but taxi scams are even common in places like Munich, Germany, where Johns were being mislead by greedy cab drivers during last year's Munich October Fest.
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