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Cheap Sex Vacation in Germany

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Cheap Sex Vacation in Germany

Forget Brazil, Thailand and Russia when it comes to budget sex. Visiting emerging market brothels can be an expensive undertaking. But where to find cheap sex? How about Germany? Europe's currency Euro is in trouble and sinking to new lows against the Greenback, British Pound and Japanese Yen. Brothel owners cheer because they are experiencing high growth rates from generous sex tourists from USA and Japan in particular. A visit in a German FKK Club with 3 rounds of half-and-half sex in a clean and safe legal German brothel with privacy and gorgeous, sexually educated women costs around 200 Euros (about 260 US$). Each round of fun contains up to 30 minutes of oral sex with vaginal sex finish with all desired position changes for 50 Euro each and a onetime 50 Euro entrance fee that includes free drinks. Imagine that in the US? 3 escorts would cost you around 900$ plus you would need to rent a hotel for 200 $. But even in Rio de Janeiro's infamous sauna Thermes one would easily spend 500$ with 3 different Brazilian hookers. Even Thailand can't offer anything cheaper unless you are fine with rice-farmers' daughters who don't know too much about sex and service.

FKK club girls
Naked providers in a German FKK Club

Normally, Germany is known for being a land of engineers and savers and not too much for being devoted service providers. It's no surprise that most women working in FKK clubs and other German sex clubs are not German, but legal workers from new EU member countries like Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland. Plenty of international girls from exotic locations like Brazil, Jamaica, Indonesia and Sri Lanka can be spotted as well. The amazing thing is the number of women who work in a good FKK club at one night. Larger clubs have up to 200 women lined up in front of their doors for work. Their work as prostitutes is conducted as freelancers. Like male guests they do pay an entrance fee to receive admission. There might be small fees for room usage and additional services depending on establishment. Club owners do not participate in the money that is exchanged between customers and erotic service providers at all. Law enforcement and revenue service make frequent checks to ensure women are working with free will and are not forced into labor. Health departments monitor cleanliness of brothels and threaten with closure in case of disputes. Some of the women generate amazing income with up to 15 customers a night. Do the math for a week, a month and so on. It's a dream job for many of them and that's the reason why they are more than eager to provide decent service. German escort forums and punter communities establish ratings for each provider. If a girl is recommended she is more likely going to be getting better business over a shady lady operating scams. America's best known sex vacation trip advisor FKK Tours organizes trips to Germany's FKK Clubs twice a week. Their services have even grown popular with Japanese tourists who enjoy even more currency conversion discount than Americans.