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Crazy Germans

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Crazy Germans

Boards and forums have always been great resources for patrons of bars, nightclubs and cathouses. Today, I wanted to check back into a forum and was confronted with new set of rules. The board mainly deals about Pattaya in Thailand and is a market leader in this geo-punting area. To my astonishment the new rules, prohibit any discussions about why to use or not use a condom. It also prohibits to talk about AIDS/HIV and politics. Two paragraphs are providing detailed lists of infractions and penalties against forum members if they violate those rules limiting freedom of speech, factually. The list of bonuses for members who contribute content and information is rather minimal and abusive. It's not an isolated case. Many boards including International Sex Guide do censor valuable contributions. Lacking tolerance of other opinions seems to be advancing as many boards struggle to keep their sites alive and profitable. More than ever it seems to be of importance to check and validate facts from different sources.

Follow up:

Chances are growing, boards are being manipulated by parties who do neither disclose commercial interests nor the reasons to why they limit liberties of adults. But at least, there was a good link to a animated bargirl movie with a typical bar dialogue.