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Subic Bay Barrio Baretto Bars

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Subic Bay Barrio Baretto Bars

bargirls Barrio Baretto

Dressed in hotpants and tops, Filipina bargirls from Subic Bay

Subic Bay is mostly an industrial harbor in the North-West of Philippines' main island Luzon. It's 2 hours by car from Angeles City and Manila. Over the past years it has become more and more popular with expats and long term tourists who like to frequent agogo bars with sexy bikini women and cheap booze at night time and hang out on the beach during daytime. To say it bluntly: Subic Bay's nightlife is very provincial. Yes, they have lot of bars with many Filipina whores, but it's all the same. Small agogo bars, many owned by same people and managed like boring hangouts for people who want to get drunk and laid within 2 or 3 hours and then go sleep alone. There are no shows, no stunning entertainers and nothing that sticks out in my mind. So is accommodation. With the exception of one hotel on nearby Baloy Beach, all hotels are small, in desperate need of repair or renovation and noisy. No luxury at all.

Follow up:

Leisure activities during daytime are not exciting. There is a small zoo. Baloy beach is cool for a stroll in dark sand, but tourists have to be careful. While the waters are clear trash and broken glass can be found on the beach and vendors need to be sent away over and over again. Bargirls in Bario Baretto are used to cater to drunk short time tourists and sailors. They get drunk, want a quick shot and leave. High performance sex is hard to find with this dominantly laid back attitude.

Catwalk Club


Along the highway one of small bars: Catwalk Club