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German Escorts from Bel Ami

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German Escorts from Bel Ami

During the soccer world cup in Brazil 2014 media was made aware of the sex trade that is a dominant economic force inside the country. Although the country tried to clean up brothels, demanded escort websites to be taken down and made other efforts to discriminate against this legal business, foreign media picked up on street prostitution in the country. But this is nothing new. Even 8 years ago in Germany during the world cup in 2006 prostitution was a media highlight. Unlike Brazil authorities had no mandate to sweep it aside. Law and order was helpful to promote this legal business as this old pictorial from an editorial image agency shows: Photos from Berlin brothel Bel Ami

Follow up:

Maybe the Germans got a better image for regulating prostitution than other countries receive trying to hide it. Note: the images from Germany's brothel were used by Slate magazine, recently to discuss legalization of prostitution in Sweden and Canada. Read more about the Bel Ami on Wikipedia. The establishment is closed for good, now.