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Agogo Bar Bangkok for sale

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Agogo Bar Bangkok for sale

agogo bar Nana Plaza
Bar for sale in online classifieds from November 2014

Nana Plaza near Sukhumvit Road is one of the favorite hangouts for single male tourists in Bangkok (see here). A must visit for every Thailand sex vacation. Normally, those bars are great business opportunities for foreigners who have local connections. A clip notice inside a toilet provides sufficient interest to find buyers. Many tourists dream about moving to Thailand permanently while making a living owning or running a bar full of cladly dressed women. After the military coup and steadily changing regulations it has become tougher for owners to sell their agogo bars. Some have started to advertise them online and even buying adspace on Facebook.

Follow up:

Obviously there is an immense risk involved into running bars as a foreigner in Thailand, no matter how much you stick to legalities. Owners can do the best job possible, the risk is simply: the government is plotting a change of legislation that will no longer allow foreigners to form joint ventures in Thailand where they keep control of their business as Bangkok Post reports on November 1, 2014 (see report here). It's expected a flood of sellers might emerge from this situation. Maybe a great opportunity for buyers who believe such change will be of temporary nature, only. Let's see what the future will bring for Nana Plaza bars and it's counterparts in Soi Cowboy, Patpong, Pattaya, etc. Early closing times and higher expenses for clothing have been just the first cut into profits.