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Amsterdam Brothel Porn

No other red-light district in the world draws as much attention to itself than the brothels of Amsterdam. They are known to be a tourist destination and a prime example for integration of prostitution into society as a tax-paying service industry. Of course prostitution in the Netherlands is very commercial. To no surprise a couple of Dutch porn producers recently launched a reality based hardcore site showing real Amsterdam prostitutes having sex with sex tourists: Redlight Sex Trips. The site shows sex acts that are performed behind the red-light windows in tiny and smutty Amsterdam brothel rooms. While the scenes themselves are setups, they draw a realistic picture of the infamous red-light district Rossebuurt and what the girls and transvestites provide. If you ever visit Amsterdam's red-light district don't even think about bringing your camera along into one of the brothels. Pimps and prostitutes don't like it and they will not be polite about it, they will just trash your device and cases of extreme violence have been reported. Maybe that's one of the reasons why the city of Amsterdam is closing down many brothels. The operators of the houses are said to have strong ties to organized crime. If you feel you want to take up the chance of visiting Amsterdam RLD before it closes down completely, don't forget to visit The Walletjes for a complete introduction to the seedy rip-off quarter.

amsterdam prostitute brothel
An Amsterdam prostitute and her pimp negotiating price for her short sex services out of her brothel window

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German Street Whores

Germany is one of the most civilized countries with prospering prostitution. It's a prime example that you do not need to travel to a third world country to enjoy cheap sex. We already wrote about the red-light district brothels and the FKK clubs, but there are many other forms of pay-for-play available. One of them are mobile street whores. I am not talking about the drug addicted street walkers outside of railway stations like you see them in Hamburg, Berlin or Frankfurt. No, I am talking about housewives with their own mobile homes and campers. Usually, they park their one-women-brothels on wheels close to a recreational area off of a highway exit and position themselves with skimpy short dresses on the side of the street. Punters are invited to stop and negotiate service and price. The shagging goes on inside the mobile brothel camper. Sometimes passing cars hit the horn when they see closed doors to encourage the parties for a quicker orgasm. The mobile whores are usually providing their services during daytime. Most of their customers are employees who take a short ride during their lunch break or on their way home after work.
Another form of mobile street prostitution are gangbangs on parking spots. Germans call that Parkplatz Sex. There is a lively forum about all sorts of German street prostitution on Strich Web.

German street prostitute
A German street prostitute waits for customers outside her parked camper. Most street prostitutes on wheels are rather mature. They provide paid sex without taboo.

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Phone Sex

No, I am not going recommend you a number for phone sex! It's a waste of time and money imho. While I was visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina earlier this year my prepaid cell phone ran out of credit and I had to use a public pay phone. To my surprise the phone booth was plastered with advertisement for prostitutes. A whole bunch of little stickers with phone numbers and images of nude women. What a beautiful sight. I called up a few of them and as I thought it was not phone sex what they offered, but they were marketing for intimate private apartment brothels in the center of the city like Gyselle's place. Buenos Aires is full of those smutty and raunchy small apartments with 3 to 10 women in their 20ies and 30ies who offer some of the best Latina sex in South America for a budget price. Unlike the escorts and strip clubs, those private brothels are very cheap. Two hours of sex and massage will cost anywhere around 200 Peso (approx. 60 US$). The brothels are normal apartments in residential areas with a couple of bedrooms. They call them departementos privados. Many of them advertise in the infamous Rubro 59, a special section of the daily newspapers with erotic ads. You should speak basic Spanish to talk to them as you will need to call them for their address and driving directions. More Buenos Aires escorts and brothels can be found on Travel Sex Guide.

phone sex
Stickers with advertisement for private Latina brothels in Buenos Aires

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Soi Cowboy Preachers

Sexy girls are not all you meet in red-light districts around the world, but a lot of very strange people. Earlier this year I visited Bangkok's Soi Cowboy for a barhop. The bars are filled with sexy and willing girls who dance without panties, so no change inside the bars. Outside on the street of Soi Cowboy I saw the usual vendors like the guys who sell elephant food for a feeding session. While approaching the end of the soi close to the Baccara bar you could see 2 white collar guys take position. They looked like brokers, but they turned out to be preachers. While everybody around was making jokes about their rural British accent they kept lecturing people about how bad it is to go here and that they would rot in hell for the rest of their lives. To be honest, their accent was so bad, I doubt anybody except for Brits would have understood what they were talking about. One of the Thai bargirls watching them was quoted saying 'no understand, but they look funny. They come here many times'. At least they were entertaining and making people smile. To bad nobody was able to understand what they were saying about the end of the world. Strange people, but they looked to be drop dead serious. I was wondering if they barfined a tranny later on.

soi cowboy preacher
Thai bargirls giggle while a preacher tries to convince punters to get out off the red-light district of Bangkok's Soi Cowboy

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FKK Atlantis

The German brothel FKK Atlantis was used to be one of the top FKK Clubs in Europe, but 4 years ago it was closed down and they were unable to obtain permits for a reopening in their old location in Altenstadt. A legal battle that continued over many years. During my last stopover in Frankfurt I red inside the Roemerforum - a prime resource for German brothel customers - that the FKK Atlantis re-opened close to Dieburg, that's around 20 Miles away from Frankfurt. For those of you who are not familiar with the awesome German FKK clubs, read my old article inside the archives to get the scoop about those great brothels where all prostitutes have a perfect dress code: totally naked at all times! You see what you get. Guys who are familiar with the old FKK that was built on the grounds of an upscale fitness center with many saunas and and indoor swimming pool, will find that the new FKK Atlantis is much smaller and there are far less women available, but that the facilities are in an excellent shape with a nice outdoor area and swimming pool, a large lounge area with free food and a big porn movie theatre (watch others or a porn clip while you get a blowjob from one of the female servants). The entrance fee is 50 Euros and a short time with one shot of half-and-half (aka 'suck and fuck') will cost you another 50 Euros.You can spend all day in the place and have fun, relax for a couple of hours and then have fun again - drinks and food are complimentary If you are in the South of Frankfurt the FKK Atlantis is certainly a nice place to visit and get a round of sensual refreshment. Although I must admit, it can not compare to the good old times of it's previous location.

fkk atlantis
The large whirlpool is very inviting for a romantic session with one of the ladies from Atlantis in Muenster Altheim. Image courtesy of

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Russian Hookers

This funny little Youtube video shows a couple of drunk Russian hookers who tear off their clothes while they fight fiercely on the streets of a Russian city. It's so amusing to watch them :-) Enjoy those sexy Russian slut fighters. They tear their hair out and almost cause a traffic accident while their pimps and potential customers stand by to film the action. But seriously: stay away from drug addicts and drunken streetwalkers in Russia. They are probably horrible lays and they must smell bad. Much better to head to one of the more upscale sauna clubs or Moscow brothels for some more sophisticated Russian prostitutes.

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Mature Escort

Not to long ago I made a visit to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina for a quick sex vacation. They have a lot of absolutely gorgeous girls on the escort pages and in various strip clubs. After a while I got tired of the young ladies from 18 to 25. I was discovering the Maduras' on various escort portals. Maduras are mature escorts who either visit you at your hotel or you can visit them in their private apartments that they rent to invite you in. I made up my mind and had a local friend help me who spoke perfect Spanish. Very few people in Buenos Aires speak good English so Spanish knowledge is necessary. We called up the first lady from Tacos Altos and invited her to come to my hotel. She wanted 300 Peso, that's around 95 US$ for 2 hours of fun in my bed. She was not as good looking as on the pictutres on the internet, but still acceptable. It seems that the images on escort sites do undergo retouching and airbrushing before they are published. It's a shame, but I guess it's acceptable as long as you are prepared. Anyhow, the experience with the mature escort Ayelen of 35 years was great. I had her come back a few days later for another 2 hours of suck and fuck, 2 shots each. In between I booked a 43 year old mother of 3 kids. She was very well shaped and provided a perfect bbbj as well as sweaty sex. She knew how to moan well. While we were chatting she revealed that she had played in various porn movies and can be seen on several mature sex sites on the internet. I wanted to do some research, but I forgot her name and will need to ask her again next time I will visit Buenos Aires.
On the bottom line I really enjoyed having sex with mature escorts. They perform well, appreciate the business and are able to carry on a conversation. It's a nice change to the hard headed young babes who constantly check if their make up is still in place.

Mature Escort
A nude shot of my mature escort from Buenos Aires in the bath room. She asked me to blur her face for privacy reasons.

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Filipina Prostitute

We all know that porn producers like to name girls 'whores'. This term for a prostitute has become a synonym for porn stars, but normally adult actresses don't work as hookers and escorts dislike doing porn. However, when you go to the Philippines there is a new trend of exposing hookers by filming them and showing their hardcore movies around by labeling them as a Filipina prostitute. This has happened a lot to Filipina girls on various sites, but the most notorious Filipino porn site is Jimmy Regina's Trike Patrol. Jimmy exposes one Filipina prostitute after another in bi-weekly shoots that are conducted in seedy love hotels around Manila, Angeles City, Subic and even on the vacation resort of Boracay. If you catch a new episode on his site chances are good you will be able to meet the same hooker in Angeles City for a few more weeks or months. Trike patrol is a perfect site to get a good feel for the performance of a Filipina lbfm.

Filipina prostitute
A Filipina prostitute that is shown performing a threesome sex scene with two males on Trike Patrol bargirl porn site of amateur producer and actor Jimmy Regina.

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Nevada Brothel

Nevada is known to be the only remaining US state that allows brothel keeping. The cat houses are legally owned and run ranches with proud American prostitutes working in them. The Chicken Ranch Nevada brothel near Las Vegas has recently published a promotional video clip of their facilities on the video sharing community Youtube. The clip informs about the location of the hotel and depicts 5 legal prostitutes who are available from a lineup. There is not a large abundance of providers as for example in Mexican or Brazilian brothels. That's mainly because fun in Nevada brothels is very expensive. It is said to cost several thousand US Dollars if you want to spend a couple of hours with good sensual entertainment. But if you win on one of the poker tables inside the Vegas casinos you may want to spend the money in a brothel rather than take it back home with you.

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Iranian brothel

A few weeks back a large international news network reported about prostitution in Iran where female prostitutes face death sentences when caught for the third time. Nevertheless, prostitution seems to be rampant in Tehran, the capital of the Iran. Just recently, BBC reported about the police chief being captured inside a Tehran brothel while he was entertained by six nude prostitutes. The same person was responsible on banning women from disclosing their hair or wearing makeup in public.

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Big Sister Prague

Have you ever heard about a brothel where you can have sex with a prostitute for free? It is existing: Big Sister in Prague. This modern and luxurious brothel in the capital of the Czech Republic offers customers free sex - but there is a catch: you need to sign a release form as they will transmit and record your performance for broadcast over the internet on the commercial live sex website of Big Sister. They may also use your performance to publish on porno DVDs that are sold all over the world.
Interested? Travel to Prague and call the number that is published on their website to arrange an appointment. All you need to bring along is a legit proof of legal age and you need to be horny. There is no charge for the girl performing a sex act with you. You just need to pay a small fee for the use of their facilities and for beverages.

big sister brothel
An older advertising banner for Big Sister website. They broadcast live out of a brothel in Prague where customers have free sex with prostitutes.

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Costa Rica Hookers

Costa Rica always pops up as one of the countries that is famous as a sex vacation destination for adults. While the beautiful Pacific coast hosts several nude and alternative lifestyle resorts for swingers, gays and lesbians prostitution is almost non existent. Rural areas and beach resorts are pretty deserted when it comes to pay4play. This changes dramatically when you head to the capital of the country: San Jose. The town is full of brothels that are disguised as massage parlors, strip clubs or private apartments. Then you have a long list of strip clubs with VIP rooms where you can chose to be entertained by sexy dancers in a jakuzzi and there are infamous hangouts at watering holes like the Blue Marlin Bar at the Del Rey Hotel or the Key Largo in the center of San Jose. While the girls in massage parlors are rather dark skinned girls from Costa Rica, the girls at the freelancer places are mostly foreign ladies from Colombia, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. They earn some cash as prostitutes for a few months before they return to their home country to lead a normal life again. There is a long list of prostitution related websites for Costa Rica girls on Travel Sex Guide. The best thing to find good advice on the scene is to join the free forum on Costa Rica Ticas. It is a very active local message board that deals with life and hookers in San Jose and includes a newbie section where frequently asked questions are answered. There are a few escort agencies around. Some of them have websites, but they are over priced as they aim to high rollers.

Costa Rica Ticas
Screenshot of the Costa Rica Tica forum. A free registration is required to view topics. (Paying) VIP members can access images of Costa Rica girls and receive discounts in several San Jose massage parlors and strip clubs.

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Bargirls Live

If you are a friend of Asian Bar Girls, you may wanna have a look at a new webcam site: Asian Barcams. This chat site features live video feeds and chat of actual Asian prostitutes - so called Bar Girls. Most of them are or have previously worked as entertainers in bars in South East Asian countries like Thailand and Philippines. It can be assumed that these girls are more than willing and interested in finding temporary boyfriends who would want to make their aquaintances during an upcoming sex vacation in Asia. However, when you read the small print it seems that they will not be allowed to meet up, but we have heard that most bar girls are not even aware of these rules. Try your luck, you may find an online bargirl before you even need to hop on a plane. Of course a little wanking does not count as a real sex vacation!

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Angeles City Barfine

Philippine's most notorious monger destination Angeles City is undergoing a new wave of police investigations. As every year before the Sinulog Festival, activists complain about the seedy reputation of the city in Pampanga. While the barfine system was abolished about a decade ago (a term that describes the fee a customer has to pay for an early work release of a Filipina bargirl in exchange for paid sex), police forces are suddenly controlling if this procedure is still practiced by bars of various Angeles City red-light districts as quoted by the Pampangan edition of the Sunstar tabloid, a Philippine newspaper.
While the term barfine is still frequently used the bars have changed their policies long time ago and sell so called special lady drinks. A customer is required to purchase 10 beverages for a lady and she will be able to leave work prematurely. Whatever they do afterwards is a matter between two consenting adults.

angeles city barfine
Bikini dancers in an Angeles City bar entertain customers. After 10 lady drinks they are allowed an early work release.

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Russian Strippers in Pattaya

Pattaya is famous for it's bars and streets filled with Thai girls and ladyboys who seek to entertain foreign tourists. Why would you come here to look for Russian girls? Believe it or not, but there is a stripclub on Pattaya's infamous Walking Street that is filled with Russian strippers: Galaxy. Officially they are just strippers, but according to a report by Pattaya Daily News Galaxy got raided by the Police and the Russians were doing much more than just dancing in bikinis. If you are into Russian ladies check out this joint. When you walk along Walking Street you will see a big sign for Galaxy with a glass booth where the dancers perform for public viewing.

Galaxy Pattaya
Exotic dancers from Russia and other East European countries dance in Pattaya. The Police caught them offering obscene acts not to long ago.

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Amsterdam Brothels

If you have been to RLDs you know that the people there do not like to see you take photos. Even if it is legal to take images from public ground, pimps and brothel bouncers do not refrain from physical force when they catch you and the police is unable to stop them. But some guys know how to get good coverage with hidden cams, such as a new website that is offering a video tutorial on the Amsterdam Redlight District (Edit: site went out of business). The video gives some nice info on the girls behind the brothel windows. It's raw and uncut video footage, don't expect a tight journalistic approach. The DVD can be ordered for 20 Euro.

amsterdam rld
Prostitutes from Amsterdam can be seen on the Amsterdam Brothelguide DVD

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Geylang Brothels

Singapore is known to be the cleanest city in Asia. It is a great spot for a vacation filled with various leisure activities like visiting it's sights or just for shopping. Little known to most people is the fact that Singapore hosts many redlight districts. Geylang is by far the biggest Singapore RLD. Thousands of prostitutes and massage girls from various countries offer their bodies and services in a small area of 10 side streets of the Geylang Road. The even Lorongs from 2 to 20 host various massage shops and a lot of cheap hotels. The massage shops are legal brothels where guests can optain a 45 minute massage with extras for around 40 to 80 Dollars. During daytime pimps approach passing people to invite them to have a look at their girls that are lounging inside various hotel rooms. They are available for the same price as the massage girls. Occassionally you will see streetwalkers. They will speak to you and propose a small deal.
Wait until sunset and the nature of the streets in Geylang is changing. Suddenly, thousands of hookers stand on the broadwalk for public viewing. The most attractive are the Singaporean and Chinese girls that stand in front of the Darlene Hotel on Talma Road along Lorong8. The hookers stand shoulder to shoulder on the sidewalk as you and others pass by. Some are cute like photo models, most of them are slim and in great shape. It is an overwhelming presentation of flesh. When you continue to walk thru the Lorongs and their connecting alleys you will meet many more nationalities. Many girls from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, some from Sri Lanka. One back street is dedicated to Indians. The Indian whores do not stand and smile, they sit on wooden chairs infront of small shacks, where they take their customers.
On the bottomline: Sex in Singapore is cheap and the variety of ladies is good with many stunners. It's certainly worth a try. More information on Sammy Boy and Singapore sex list..

A streetwalker along Lorong 10 and Talma Road in Singapore's Geylang RLD. At night the streets are filled with thousands of Asian prostitutes.

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TSM Travel Review

When you enter all you see is a white page with a little white and red text, but it pops up as number one on many search engines for keywords like adult travel, sex vacation, etc. Just scroll down the page and you will see a search window. Enter a place you want info about like Pattaya or Angeles City and you get a glimpse of the content of the site. TSM stands for 'The Single Male' - and you know what men like to do when they are far from home. TSM was the first adult travel website on the internet that started around 12 years ago. The World Sex Guide wasn't even born at that time. What you find on TSM is a nicely sized message board with reports and photos of prostitutes, bargirls and other attractions from all around the World. The members from the site invented sex travel to many destinations like Cuba, Cartagena, Hainan, Puerto Plata, Angeles City just to mention a few sex vacation destinations that flourished mainly by reports on the internet. Back then it was because people exchanged information on TSM to help those places to grow and develop a strong sex industry. Today, TSM has gotten a bit slower as competition of free local boards is growing and members are more interested in video content rather than text based information. However, TSM remains a good source of information for global sex travelers who want to gather as much information as possible and meet up with fellow hobbyist. The site is still worth it's membership fee.

TSM adult travel
The main message board of TSM is divided into regional forums with sex vacation reports that include videos of actual prostitutes from various countries. The board is accessible for paid subscribers, only.

Attention: TSM Travel has ceased operation in 2013 and is offline.

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Frankfurt RLD Revisited

A short business trip brought me back to Frankfurt for a few days. I went out to the infamous red-light district inside the Bahnhofs Viertel and was deeply disappointed. The hookers were far less in numbers than before and the looks of them have deteriorated to a very bad level. A few years back you could find a large number of beautiful girls from Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Poland and many other countries working in the brothels, but nowadays it is just painful for the eyes to look inside the rooms. Sure, the rooms are clean as hotel suites, but the looks of the maids are not worth bothering at all. Of course that is just my opinion as I like good looking chicks in their early to mid twenties in good shape. I just can't cope with fat hookers in their fifties or sixties. I will be sure to head to some of the fine FKK Clubs next time rather than wasting my hours walking the stairs of Frankfurt's old RLD.

Brothel in Frankfurt
The 'Rote Haus' is one of Frankfurt's oldest brothels in the Bahnhofsviertel RLD

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Bargirl Porn

Observing Asian porn sites one can recognize a new trend in Asia that goes away from Asian-looking US girls (so called import models) and overly styled Japanese beauties to street hookers and LBFM bargirls from countries with lots of prostitution like Thailand and the Philippines. The producers usually pick up girls in agogo bars, massage parlors and discos in Pattaya, Bangkok, Angeles City, Hong Kong, Singapore, Pnom Pennh to mention just a few places. The first site that came up with this genre was Asian Street Meat with a British protagonist named Nigel. Sites like Bangkok Streetwhores, Asian Suckdolls, Trike Patrol and a few more followed. The newest site on the market is Asian Apple Seeds. It shows raw bargirl porn with some real scary beergarden girls and some absolutely gorgeous gogo dancers. All of them show tremendous endurance that will make up for a dream of a LBFM for a few days of an Asian sex vacation. The trend for bargirl porn can also be observed among gay and shemale sites. Just have a look at Perfect Ladyboys and you know what we are talking about.

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Polish Brothels

After the demise of the Czech Republic and Hungary as European sex heavens Poland is the number one East European country for weekend sex vacations. Polish brothels on the border to Germany have always been a great hunting ground for budget minded Dutch and German punters, but this scene has been changing a lot over the past years since Poland joined the European Union. These days one needs to travel to cities like Wroclaw, Kattowice and Krakow to find fun in luxurious brothel palaces or intimate small town private brothels that are operated out of apartments and small family homes. Taxi drivers usually know their way around and are very happy to lead you to the hard to find joints. There are a lot of ads in the local print media for 'Agencje towarzyskie i Sex anonse' (escorts and sex ads). Burdel Review boards are found on the net as well as complete lists of Polish sex clubs that have web sites. Expect to pay around 200 Polish Zloty for one hour of fun with a wild Polish or Ukrainian hooker. The atmosphere in some establishments is a bit muffy, but the ladies make up for it in performance. Alcoholic drinks are very cheap so you can combine booze and sex very conveniently.

Polish brothel
A Polish brothel with a line up of available models for a new client. Choices differ from excellent to trashy.

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Sexy Montevideo

Just a 30 minute flight away from Buenos Aires you can find more fun in Uruguay's capital Montevideo. Uruguayan girls are very attractive and love to meet up with people. The whole city looks similar to Havana except that it is much cleaner and calmer at the Rambla, how they call their Malecon along the coast line.
On the prawl for pay-for-play you have two alternatives: escorts that advertise in local papers and on internet sites and so called strip clubs. Don't expect these strip clubs to be anywhere close to those in the US or Asia. They are rather small and dark and there is no nude dancing. A few skimpy clad ladies introduce themselves to new customers at the bar or in a waiting room: 'hey, I am Carla ... let me know when you want more ...' When you find a gem you can buy her a drink, chat with her and either take a short time room with her inside the establishment or buy her out to go to your hotel. Prices are pretty cheap in the dark places. 30 minutes of fun start for as little as 15$ and a longer session with 2 lesbians will not be more than 100$. The looks of the girls are: well, ... just imagine a real Latina slut and you know how they look. You can't expect beauty queens for this price, but they certainly know how to please. If you speak Spanish fluently and know how to be charming, chances are you will be able to find a girl for a one-night stand inside the discos of the historical city center.

Montevideo hooker
Montevideo brothels are called 'strip clubs' in Uruguay. The girls love to show off their great round asses and are more than willing to please - some do lesbian shows, too.

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Buenos Aires

While Brazilian cities like Rio and Sao Paulo are very famous as destinations for sensual vacations Buenos Aires in Argentina is not as well known in this regard. However, BsAs is a hell of a top spot for escorts, massage parlors and street walkers. An abundance of information about the p4p scene is available on the internet such as faxxaff's index to Sex in Argentina, an english forum called Argentina Private and a Spanish escort review board Foro Escort.
Streetwalkers can be found in an area called Zona Roja at night time. Besides apartments for masajes one can also opt for some of the many strip clubs in Recoleta. The Recoleta clubs have strip shows and a vast number of freelancers that seek guys for a short affair in one of the short time hotels called Telos or Albergues Transitorios. Prices for carnal fun are cheap. Transsexual streetwalkers are willing to provide blowjobs from as little as 10 US$ and an all nighter with a strip club star or upscale escort will run between 100 and 300US$. Remember: The best travel time is from October to April. The other months are damn cold in BsAs, so bring sweaters and warm socks with you.

Buenos Aires escorts
Incall and outcall print ads of Buenos Aires escorts

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World Sex Archives

The leading sex tourist paysite has temporarily closed it's doors for new members due to problems with their current billing. According to their webmaster the site is expected to accept new members by the end of July again. World Sex Archives have been very popular over the past years due to it's very moderate pricing that made it affordable to join for a one time fee of less than 10 US$. They had over a hundred new members every day. The world sex guide is one of the toughest cometitors of the World Sex Guide and the International Sex Guide as well as of Club Hombre and TSM Travel.

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Frankfurt Breite Gasse

Everybody knows the infamous Frankfurt RLD around the main railway station along Kaiserstrasse and Taunusstrasse. Only very few people know that Frankfurt has a second RLD with more walk-in brothels. The second strip is located at Breite Gasse, a side alley of Frankfurt's main shopping road 'Zeil'. Breite Gasse hosts around 5 brothels similar to the houses in the Bahnhofsviertel. It is much smaller and more quiet. The prostitutes tend to be a bit more mature. The pricing structure is identical to the prime RLD. Have a look at Breite Gasse next time you go shopping in Frankfurt, Germany. It's a nice place for a cheap suck and fuck if you are into older and used looking gems.

Breite gasse puff
Entrances of 2 brothels in Breite Gasse, a side alley of Frankfurt's main shopping street Zeil.

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Pattaya Walking Street

It's a candy land for horny males: Walking Street in South Pattaya. This red-light district in Thailand's sex destination Pattaya puts everything else related to prostitution in a dark shadow. The amount of bars where beautiful gogo dancers (strippers) are available for a barfine and cheap sex is absolutely overwhelming. There are at least 200 to 300 establishments on Walking Street and in the sois close by like Pattayaland 1 and 2 and Soi Diamond. Besides, you will find discos where freelancers wait to be picked up and you also find female tourists from Russia and Romania who offer themselves as prostitutes for rich Arabian men.
The minimum age for Thai bargirls is 20 years of age. It is not at all as portraid in some media reports that Thailand allows underage girls to work in the bars. All girls need to have IDs and bars that are found with girls under age of 20 years are subject to heavy fines.
How does the thing work in the bars? A customer will usually pick a girl and buy her lady drinks for around 150 Baht to see if he likes her and to negotiate whatever he wants her to do for him. If both agree he can take her out by paying a barfine, usually 600 to 1000 Baht. Both of them are free to do whatever they like ... The customer is expected to provide a salary or tip for the time he spends with the bargirl after he takes them out. This usually amounts to 1500 Baht per night. Some go out for dancing and some retire in a secluded short time hotel for a few hours. It does not need much phantasy to figure out what is going on.

walking street pattaya
Walking Street Pattaya at night: a mix of tourists and sex travelers

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New FKK Vacation

FKK Tours is currently offering new discounts for their German sex vacation tours of FKK clubs. Accordning to the newest information they offer a discount rates for their September and November bordello tours in Germany.

Book before June 1st 2007 use coupon code "GO2007" for reduced rate $999.69 Regular rate $1299.99 5 days, includes hotel, transportation, guides, driver Just show up at the Frankfurt International Airport and we do the rest.

To see how a typical FKK tour looks like they offer the following information: FKK Vacation

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German Bordellos

German brothel owners are on a high competitive level with shopping centers, restaurants and other commercial enterprises. One of the most important factors in business success for a German brothel is it's strategic location. Therefore many brothel owners try to get located as close as possible to Autobahn exits. As everywhere else punters and prostitutes alike prefer to pursue their monkey business in a healthy distance from home and work to maintain privacy. Additionally they try to attract managers who favour a short stop over in a bordello on their way back home from a successful business deal and truckers who are always getting horny while reading porn magazines during their endless cargo routes. Next time you visit Germany don't forget to look around the corners on Autobahn exits for German brothels with red lights in windows and entrance doors. BTW, this is not just a German thing, they have these Autobahn Bordellos in Austria, too. The fun starts from 50 Euro and up.

German bordello
Crazy Sexy in Darmstadt-Eberstadt is conveniently located on a Autobahn exit close to Frankfurt. Truckers, tourists and managers love to make a stopover for quick sex.

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Pattaya Soi 6

Everybody knows about Pattaya in Thailand being the biggest brothel in the World. Most famously there is Walking Street in South Pattaya that hosts several hundred a gogo bars where nude dancers and bikini girls dance as hot as they can to be taken home by customers for a barfine of 600 to 1000 Baht. Most of the Thai bargirls in this area are young prostitutes at an minimum age of 20 years, mostly without children and in great physical shape.
However, The gogo girls tend to be less sexually experienced than the single mothers in their mid twenties to late thirties. Yes, there is a vivid market for MILF prostitutes in Pattaya, too. These kind of naughty mature prostitutes can be found in North Pattaya on Soi 6. It is a 300 meter stretch on Soi 6 between Beach Road an 2nd Road that hosts the cheapest available Thai hookers for sex tourists in Pattaya. A recently posted video clip on Youtube shows a typical afternoon walk on Soi 6.

pattaya soi 6
Thai MILFS waiting for customers in front of their bars on Soi 6 in North Pattaya.

The modus operandi of Soi 6 bars is very simple. The girls lounge on stools and chairs in front of the small bars to solicit for new customers.

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Chicken for Sex

The time when the world economy took it's first heavy dip was called the time of the Great Depression. It lasted several years and inflation was rampant. As money was not available people started to trade merchandise and services rather than to purchase them for Dollars. Believe it or not, but during this time sexual services from prostitutes inside brothels had to be paid by chicken as they were producing eggs and could be used as a source of meat.
One of the most famous brothels in the US derived it's name from this circumstance: the Chicken Ranch in La Grange Texas. It was an illegal brothel that operated from 1805 until 1973, but was tolerated and regulated by local sheriffs. Memorabilia about the Chicken Ranch Texas brothel are frequently traded on eBay.
Today there are no more brothels in Texas. Horny Texan guys usually need to saddle their horses for a long journey to brothels in Mexico or Nevada.

chicken ranch brothel
A vintage photo of the Chicken Ranch brothel.

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