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FKK Tour

FKK Tour is a travel agency of internet fame. They offer trips to German FKK clubs and brothels for American sex tourists. Every 2 or 3 months they organize tours to Germany where guys are able to travel to Germany and visit the most prestigious German b… more »
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Angeles City Sex Vacation

Ever since American GIs invaded the neighbour town of Clark Airbase after World War 2, Angeles City in the Philippines maintained a very popular red-light district in Balibago along Field's Avenue. In the last years the red-light district expanded from B… more »
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Brothel Discounts for Senior Citizens

One of Germany's biggest brothels, Pascha in Cologne, has announced a 50% discount offer for senior citizens during a happy hour between noon and 5pm. Senior Citizens would need to provide a photo ID as proof of being over 66 years of age. According to a… more »
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Peru Brothels

Ever thought about visiting Lima in Peru for a sex vacation? Peru might not have the international flair of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Caracas or Buenos Aires, but it is full of brothels, escort services and night clubs for gentlemen. Peru Tops is a web… more »
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Tijuana Brothels

The Mexican border towns have always been the closest destinations for sex hungry mongers from Taxas, California and Arizona. Tijuana, Mexicali and Nogales are the most popular Mexican border towns that offer brothels and bars filled with Mexican hookers… more »
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Many Amsterdam Brothels to close

According to news reports Amsterdam who hosts the largest European red-light district, intends to close down about a third of the legally oprating brothels where prostitutes offer their services legally. The licenses of 37 brothels and sex show venues ha… more »
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Philippine Massage Parlors

You probably heard and tried out the massage parlors in Thailand where extra services from handjob to full service are offered in certain establishments. They have those kind of massage parlors in the Philippines, too. Most of these parlors are in the ca… more »
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Male Brothel to open in Nevada

The infamous Heidi Fleiss, known for her bust in 1993 for running an upscale ring of escorts in Los Angeles, announced plans to open an all male brothel in Nye County, Nevada according to online magazine Jewtastic. The establishment will cater to ladies… more »
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German Brothels: FKK Clubs

Germans are always good in inventing new things. Rules and laws are so tight that prostitutes were confined in overpriced rip-off night clubs and sleazy brothels for many years. About 25 years ago a new sort of establishment started to exist: the sauna c… more »
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Vintage Brothel and Prostitute Photos

It's not to long ago that taking images was more of an art than a point and shoot affair of seconds. Lot's of amateur photos of prostitutes and brothels are available on various sites, but it is very hard to find older images from past decades or centuri… more »
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Australian Brothel offer: fuel discounts

Believe it or not, but borthel owners can be pretty good in marketing! According to several news reports an Australian brothel in Sydney is offering discounts on fuel. Madam Kerry's brothel will pay up to 20 Cents per litre of your last tank refill if yo… more »
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Nevada Brothel for Sale

Nevada is the only state in the USA where brothel keeping is legal. There are a lot of brothels located close to Las Vegas and Reno. Prices are expensive for customers. According to several posts on prostitution blogs and boards a customer normally pays… more »
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Ancient Brothel in Pompeii

Long before the Roman empire started to conquer the World, they had started to enjoy recreational sex. When Mount Vesuvius errupted 79 AD it left the town of Pompeii beneath thick ashes preserving most of it's remainings for to joy of todays's scientists… more »
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Save the Dumas Brothel

Prostitution was legal in the US state of Montana for a long period of time, but the good times have gone and conservative politicians outlawed the popular recreational activities in 1982 when the Dumas brothel closed after being in operation since 1890.… more »
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Special Massage

Bangkok Thailand is known for it's notorius nightlife with bars and massage parlors in designated areas around town. Over the past couple of years a new area of massage joints has grown along mid Sukhumvit Road. Those parlors are concentrating around the… more »
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German Brothels and the Soccer World Cup

The years before the Soccer World Cup in Germany there was a lot of noise in the media about trafficking and prostitution dangers invloved with the high profile event. Politicians thought the event would trigger an unwanted upswing of the biz. Nothing li… more »
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Sleep in an old Alabama Brothel

It's a long time ago that the conservative US state of Alabama had brothels that were operating along main routes in the country. One of those old Alabama brothels in now operating as a hotel. The owners have restored the saloon to it's 1880 wild wild we… more »
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Private Prague Brothels

There are a lot of up scale night clubs in Prague, Czech Republic, but you can count those brothels on a few hands. The abundance of prostitutes in Prague work out of privates. Privates are apartments with one or more bedrooms. The girls gather in the li… more »
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Czech Border Town Brothels

Everybody knows that Czech Republic in Central Europe has a vibrant night life. Prague is certainly known for large scale porn industry (like famous porn actress Sylvia Saint) and a large variety of night clubs, escort services, brothels and so called pr… more »
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Bangkok's Biggest Brothel

Actually prostitution is outlawed and illegal in Thailand, but the land of smiles is more than just infamous for it's Thai body massage parlors, bar girls, gogo dancers, street whores and gentlemen's clubs. Remember that song: 'one night in Bangkok ...'… more »
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Frankfurt Brothels

The redlight district in Frankfurt, Germany is one of the most famous brothel strips in the World. The houses of the Bahnhofsviertel opposite of the main railway station of Frankfurt still remain in operation after a long legal battle with the administra… more »
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Welcome to Brothel Sexguide

Please, stand by as we start to build this site. It will feature reviews and links about the hottest brothels and redlight districts of the World. We will cover the Nevada brothels, Frankfurt's famous redlight district, the saunas of Rio de Janeiro, mass… more »

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