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Escort Fiesta in Argentina

Sex parties with real escorts? Do they exist? Terrible Fiesta is an sex fair with real Buenos Aires prostitutes from escort portals like TacosAltom.Com and live sex shows. Visitors are encouraged to take part in the event more »
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Ukraine Escorts Outlawed

Many European guys loved to take a short trip to Kiev or Odessa during summer to hook up with hot Ukraine escorts for a weekend or short vacation. Girls from East Europe have a fine reputation of being beautiful and devoted mistresses. Several Kiev escor… more »
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Mature Escort

Not to long ago I made a visit to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina for a quick sex vacation. They have a lot of absolutely gorgeous girls on the escort pages and in various strip clubs. After a while I got tired of the young ladies from 18 to 25. I… more »
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Buenos Aires

While Brazilian cities like Rio and Sao Paulo are very famous as destinations for sensual vacations Buenos Aires in Argentina is not as well known in this regard. However, BsAs is a hell of a top spot for escorts, massage parlors and street walkers. An a… more »
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Escort Scams from Ukraine

According to Travel Sex Guide's Ukraine escort listings a new form of prostitution fraud is emerging from Eastern European countries. So called escort agencies from Ukraine, Moldavia and Romania offer traveling escorts that will visit customers in their… more »
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Curitiba escorts

Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo come into most people's minds when they think about an erotic vacation in Brazil. There is more to Brazil than those two destinations. Almost every town has one or more brothels, termas, boates or escort agencies. Just like F… more »