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Singapore Orchard Towers

Poor Singaporeans get their daily fix at a Geylang Brothel, but affluent sex tourists and expats like bank managers and other consultants enjoy to pick up freelancing chicks at the Orchard Towers. During the day it's one of many shopping centers on bustl… more »
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Buenos Aires

While Brazilian cities like Rio and Sao Paulo are very famous as destinations for sensual vacations Buenos Aires in Argentina is not as well known in this regard. However, BsAs is a hell of a top spot for escorts, massage parlors and street walkers. An a… more »
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Mambo Kathoy Cabaret

If you decide to spend a sex vacation in Thailand don't forget to meet the Thai ladyboys and kathoys. Ladyboys are pre-op transsexuals that look like girls, but still have a penis. Kathoys are completely converted persons, that are almost identical to ge… more »