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Costa Rica Girls

Beautiful Costa Rica is one of the most attractive Central American destinations for erotic holidays. The country hosts some of the finest couples only swinger resorts and a lot of venues for single male travelers to pick up girls. The most infamous plac… more »
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Bangkok Hooker Pix

Guys love to take pictures of girls and present them like trophies. Some of them post them on boards that are exclusive for members. Some of those monger boards have leaks and it possible to view the hooker pix without signing up, just like a Japanese ge… more »
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Sao Paulo Sex Vacation

Most people will fancy Rio de Janeiro as the top sex destination in Brazil, but don't forget Sao Paulo. It is Brazil's biggest city with countless brothels like incall escorts, love hotels and the infamous Termas (and of course Cafa Photo). Foreigners ha… more »
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Jinetera - Cuban Love Girl

Love for sale has always been a big business in Cuba, but since 1998 Fidel Castro's regime has cracked down on it's prowd prostitutes on the Malecon of Havana. No more parading Jineteras in sight when you walk along the wall that seperates old Havana fro… more »
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Cheap Sex in Cambodia

People always look for sex. Some look for the cheapest sex possible either because they have limited funds or because they don't like to spend more money as neccessary for a wet hole. One of the countries that is said to be the cheapest sex vacation dest… more »
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Male Brothel to open in Nevada

The infamous Heidi Fleiss, known for her bust in 1993 for running an upscale ring of escorts in Los Angeles, announced plans to open an all male brothel in Nye County, Nevada according to online magazine Jewtastic. The establishment will cater to ladies… more »
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Black Prostitute Search

Many men dream about sexual encounters with exotic black women. Besides Asian and Latina women, men favor to have at least one sexual encounter with an ebony prostitute in their life. But many sex tourists are hesitant to travel all the way to Africa. Wh… more »
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German Brothels: FKK Clubs

Germans are always good in inventing new things. Rules and laws are so tight that prostitutes were confined in overpriced rip-off night clubs and sleazy brothels for many years. About 25 years ago a new sort of establishment started to exist: the sauna c… more »
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Webcam Cyber Brothels

Maybe you always wondered what kind of girls would advertise on adult dating sites or work as cam girls from home or out of cam studios. While most of female profiles on dating sides can be considered fake or out of date, the web cam girls are for real.… more »
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Sex Vacation Reports

4Womenoftheworld is a classy web site that provides acurate sex vacation reports from many countries. Unlike text based message boards 4Womenoftheworld does not concentrate on blow for blow explicit sex stories but rather gives a more elaborated descript… more »
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Filipina Bargirls go for Porn

Trike Patrol is a new reality porn site from the Philippines. Amateur producer Jimmy Regina presents Filipina Bargirls and Angeles City brothel workers as actresses in his Bangbus copycat from Asia. Jimmy and friends drive around in Trikes to pick up fem… more »
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Prostitution in Vietnam

The following report details adult travel in Vietnam. It includes information about prostitutes in Nha Trang and other places. This report was originally submitted to World Sex Archives. If you would like to see all the pictures included with the report… more »
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Save the Dumas Brothel

Prostitution was legal in the US state of Montana for a long period of time, but the good times have gone and conservative politicians outlawed the popular recreational activities in 1982 when the Dumas brothel closed after being in operation since 1890.… more »
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Private Prague Brothels

There are a lot of up scale night clubs in Prague, Czech Republic, but you can count those brothels on a few hands. The abundance of prostitutes in Prague work out of privates. Privates are apartments with one or more bedrooms. The girls gather in the li… more »
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Czech Border Town Brothels

Everybody knows that Czech Republic in Central Europe has a vibrant night life. Prague is certainly known for large scale porn industry (like famous porn actress Sylvia Saint) and a large variety of night clubs, escort services, brothels and so called pr… more »
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Prostitution in Kenia

It is hard to find information on prostitution in Africa these days. Many people avoid the continent because of the high AIDS ratio and the ones that do visit hunting grounds on the black continent do not talk much about it. Kenia is the number one count… more »

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