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Chang Ping in China

Changping sex workers
Chinese disco girls from Changping heading to a love hotel for some fun with punter John
Finding information about hookers in China proves more difficult than in most other countries. Mostly it's a language issue, but in many cases people familiar with the Chinese system want to keep this information a secret. We all know the negative effect… more »
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Taxi Drivers and Whore Houses

Possibly, the most used and convenient way of finding whore houses and erotic massage parlors: enter a taxi and ask cabbies to bring you to the best girls in town. A golden opportunity for taxi drivers! Some brothels will provide them with promo material… more »
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Escort Fiesta in Argentina

Sex parties with real escorts? Do they exist? Terrible Fiesta is an sex fair with real Buenos Aires prostitutes from escort portals like TacosAltom.Com and live sex shows. Visitors are encouraged to take part in the event more »
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Nude Art Prostitute

Normally, ladies of the night try to avoid any attention that will tag their real identity to what they are doing. In many cases they don't want their families to know about their job inside the sex industry. That's why most escorts will never work in po… more »
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Thai Whores as Girlfriends

Let's be honest: some people visit brothels to get a quick fix while others seek romance and an erotic liaison with a sexy young women - and some of them get married to their trophy mistresses. This certainly explains why so many Ex-Girlfriend sites like… more »
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Amsterdam Brothel Porn

No other red-light district in the world draws as much attention to itself than the brothels of Amsterdam. They are known to be a tourist destination and a prime example for integration of prostitution into society as a tax-paying service industry. Of co… more »
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Filipina Prostitute

We all know that porn producers like to name girls 'whores'. This term for a prostitute has become a synonym for porn stars, but normally adult actresses don't work as hookers and escorts dislike doing porn. However, when you go to the Philippines there… more »
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Bargirls Live

If you are a friend of Asian Bar Girls, you may wanna have a look at a new webcam site: Asian Barcams. This chat site features live video feeds and chat of actual Asian prostitutes - so called Bar Girls. Most of them are or have previously worked as ente… more »
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TSM Travel Review

When you enter TSM Travel all you see is a black page with a little white and red text, but it pops up as number one on many search engines for keywords like adult travel, sex vacation, etc. Just scroll down the page and you will see a search window. Ent… more »
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Bargirl Porn

Observing Asian porn sites one can recognize a new trend in Asia that goes away from Asian-looking US girls (so called import models) and overly styled Japanese beauties to street hookers and LBFM bargirls from countries with lots of prostitution like Th… more »
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World Sex Archives

The leading sex tourist paysite has temporarily closed it's doors for new members due to problems with their current billing. According to their webmaster the site is expected to accept new members by the end of July agai… more »
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World Sex Archives

There is always the question if paysites about brothels, prostitution and hookers are worth the money you spend. The question becomes more appropriate since plenty free boards are around that don't charge a dime by financing from ads and recommendations.… more »
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World Sex Guide

Ever heard about a site called World Sex Guide? Currently there are 2 sites around: one ending in .org and one ending in .com. Actually, none of the two have anything in common with the original non-commercial idea of the world sex guide. The founder of… more »
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Sex Tourist Grubert

He calls himself Major Grubert and he travels around the globe with just one thing in mind: cheap hookers! Grubert is a notorious sex tourist and he does one thing more than his alikes: he writes reports, takes pictures and publishes all of his carnal ex… more »
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Sex Vacation Reports

4Womenoftheworld is a classy web site that provides acurate sex vacation reports from many countries. Unlike text based message boards 4Womenoftheworld does not concentrate on blow for blow explicit sex stories but rather gives a more elaborated descript… more »