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What is a Barfine?

This term is used in adult entertainment venues - mainly in Asia - and defines a fee paid by a customer to allow a prostitute leaving their work before her shift ends or a fee paid to waive her contractual obligation to perform her duty during working ho… more »
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Taxi Drivers and Whore Houses

Possibly, the most used and convenient way of finding whore houses and erotic massage parlors: enter a taxi and ask cabbies to bring you to the best girls in town. A golden opportunity for taxi drivers! Some brothels will provide them with promo material… more »
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Writing new Reviews soon

As you have noticed, I haven't written too many brothel reviews or RLD recommendations for some time. For some reason I was a bit tired of dealing with hookers and whores for the past years. While it's always a nice adventure while traveling and dealing… more »
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Greek Whore Houses

European countries with a high percentage of tourism are infamous for rip-offs. I remember my first visits to Athens and Kavala many years ago. I lost so much money and had no fun at all! Visits to whore houses and bars in this country have always been c… more »
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Blow Road: Santos Street

Sex vacations in Third World countries are not as cheap as they were used to be. Look at Angeles City in the Philippines for example. The infamous red-light district of Field's Avenue in Balibago is no longer a place to find Filipina bar girls for a chea… more »
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Campo Allegre

Curacao, romantic island in the South Caribbean sea: As it is a Dutch colony and used to be an important sea harbor, of course there is prostitution and there is one (in-)famous brothel: Campo Allegre. The whorehouse is a compound of many small houses th… more »
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Amsterdam Brothel Porn

No other red-light district in the world draws as much attention to itself than the brothels of Amsterdam. They are known to be a tourist destination and a prime example for integration of prostitution into society as a tax-paying service industry. Of co… more »
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Soi Cowboy Preachers

Sexy girls are not all you meet in red-light districts around the world, but a lot of very strange people. Earlier this year I visited Bangkok's Soi Cowboy for a barhop. The bars are filled with sexy and willing girls who dance without panties, so no cha… more »
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Amsterdam Brothels

If you have been to RLDs you know that the people there do not like to see you take photos. Even if it is legal to take images from public ground, pimps and brothel bouncers do not refrain from physical force when they catch you and the police is unable… more »
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Geylang Brothels

Singapore is known to be the cleanest city in Asia. It is a great spot for a vacation filled with various leisure activities like visiting it's sights or just for shopping. Little known to most people is the fact that Singapore hosts many redlight distri… more »
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Frankfurt RLD Revisited

A short business trip brought me back to Frankfurt for a few days. I went out to the infamous red-light district inside the Bahnhofs Viertel and was deeply disappointed. The hookers were far less in numbers than before and the looks of them have deterior… more »
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Frankfurt Breite Gasse

Everybody knows the infamous Frankfurt RLD around the main railway station along Kaiserstrasse and Taunusstrasse. Only very few people know that Frankfurt has a second RLD with more walk-in brothels. The second strip is located at Breite Gasse, a side al… more »
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Pattaya Walking Street

It's a candy land for horny males: Walking Street in South Pattaya. This red-light district in Thailand's sex destination Pattaya puts everything else related to prostitution in a dark shadow. The amount of bars where beautiful gogo dancers (strippers) a… more »
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Pattaya Soi 6

Everybody knows about Pattaya in Thailand being the biggest brothel in the World. Most famously there is Walking Street in South Pattaya that hosts several hundred a gogo bars where nude dancers and bikini girls dance as hot as they can to be taken home… more »
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Makati Bars Philippines

The little red-light district on Burgos Street in Makati Philippines is a well known hangout for sexpats and business people. It's high prices keep away the large crowd of sex tourists that invade Angeles City in the north of the Philippines.While the… more »
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Bangkok Soi 33

Horny sex tourists like to venture out to Bangkok's infamous red-light districts like Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong to see cladly dressed Thai agogo bargirls dance in bikinis. Since many expats live in Bangkok one might ask where long term foreign v… more »
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Angeles City Sex Vacation

Ever since American GIs invaded the neighbour town of Clark Airbase after World War 2, Angeles City in the Philippines maintained a very popular red-light district in Balibago along Field's Avenue. In the last years the red-light district expanded from B… more »
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Pattaya Bar Girls on Youtoube

Sexy Thai prostitutes from Pattaya can be seen in over 120 short video clips on Youtoube. A Japanese guy who is fluent in Thai languages releals Thai bar girls in front of his handycam. User Thaibb206 portraits the bargirls on walking street, inside hote… more »
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On Youtoube: Filipina Bar Girls

Just recently a youtoube user named angelescityaddict posted a series of short video clips on Youtoube website that contain intimate details from the inside of the gogo bars in Angeles City Philippines. The clips show Filipina bar girls at their work. Th… more »
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Many Amsterdam Brothels to close

According to news reports Amsterdam who hosts the largest European red-light district, intends to close down about a third of the legally oprating brothels where prostitutes offer their services legally. The licenses of 37 brothels and sex show venues ha… more »
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Pool Parties in Angeles City RLD

Pool party is the new word for the formerly outlawed wet t-shirt contests in the Philippines. These events take place in Angeles City north of the Philippine capital Manila, widely known for hosting the biggest red-light district of the Philippines. Fi… more »
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Bangkok Gay Bars

Last week I spent a few days in Bangkok and ventured thru the infamous tourist trap red-light district of Patpong. This rld is located next to Silom road and consists of bars on 3 side streets that are filled up with entertainers available for questionab… more »
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Manila: Makati Burgos Street with Filipina Bargirls

Makati is the business district of the Philippine capital Manila. In a side street of Makati Avenue a small red-light district with about 15 agogo bars can be found. The name of the street is easy to remember and everybody knows what you are doing if you… more »
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Angeles City Philippines

It is a shit hole of a town about 80 miles north of Manila, but is has a vibrant red light district with around 80 or so gogo bars: Angeles City. Filipina girls from 18 to 26 years of age (and a few a bit older) entertain customers as dancers, waitresses… more »
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Frankfurt Brothels

The redlight district in Frankfurt, Germany is one of the most famous brothel strips in the World. The houses of the Bahnhofsviertel opposite of the main railway station of Frankfurt still remain in operation after a long legal battle with the administra… more »